Review of ‘I Am Not Afraid: Psalm 23 for Bedtime’

Bedtime fears is a normal part of childhood. Day turned to night. Shadows creeping on the wall. The angst of mom and dad not being in the same room. All of these are enough to fill a tiny human with dread. So what do we do when fear strikes?

I Am Not Afraid: Psalm 23 for Bedtime helps us point our littles to God, our Good Shepherd, when bedtime fears creep in.

What I Love

I love how this book helps apply scripture to real life situations and fears in the life of our littles. God cares about those tiny moments and shows up to be with us.

I also love how the text gently implies coping skills littles can partner with their prayers when fear creeps in. A cold drink of water from a water bottle, like the Good Shepherd leads his sheep to the streams. A soft pillow, like the plush grass where the Good Shepherd causes his sheep to low down. Often times we tell our littles to take their emotions to God, but offer little guidance on how to do this. I love that this book does not just offer a simple platitude of ‘give it to God and go to sleep.’ But offers practical ways littles can put this truth into action.

What my kids love

We indeed have a little that struggles with bedtime anxiety. It is hard for her to settle in and go to sleep. The fear of Mamí and Papí not being in the same room, and the long stretch of night. It fills her with fear. She loved this book for the genle message that God is with us and cares about our fears. He cares about her fears. Also, you can’t beat the illustrations of cute little sheep.

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1 thought on “Review of ‘I Am Not Afraid: Psalm 23 for Bedtime’

  1. Hello.
    This article is such a helpful resource for parents dealing with bedtime fears in their children. The book mentioned, ‘I Am Not Afraid: Psalm 23 for Bedtime’, offers practical guidance on how to apply scripture to real-life situations, and provides coping skills for children to partner with their prayers when fear strikes. It’s wonderful to see how this book helps children understand that God cares about their fears and is always with them.
    Thanks for sharing.


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