Review of: Helen Roseveare

Helen Roseveare was a missionary doctor in the Congo. Originally from England, she felt the Lord’s call on her life from a young age. She went to medical school, then missionary school, so when the mission’s society called needing Doctors in the Congo…well she was ready. ‘Helen Roseveare: The Doctor Who Kept Going No Matter What‘ is the latest in the Do Great Things for God series. This book shares Helen Roseveare’s story so that children of all ages may be inspired by her faith.

What I Love

You all, I love how the Do Great Things for God Series is bringing light to the mothers of the Christian Faith. I could go on a soap box about the need to talk about the way women have influenced Christianity and God’s great plan for women in Christ’s Kingdom. I personally know women who were turned away from Missionary service in the 1990’s because they were single. The Church needs to do better, and producing books like this is a step in the right direction.

I also love the focus on the miracles that popped up throughout Helen’s life. From seeing a Bible verse on the wall of her university when she really needed it…To a little girl praying for a hot water bottle and doll to save a baby in the hospital, and those items miraculously were delivered that same day. There are so many ways God undeniably showed up in the life of Helen. It should give us pause for wonder and praise.

What My Kids Love

This book really keeps their attention. Some picture book biographies are pretty meaty, with large paragraphs on each page. However, this one does a good job of keeping the text concise and telling just as much of the story with pictures as with words.

My girls especially love learning about ladies with this series. They loved learning about someone who was a lady, a doctor AND had a heart for the Lord.

My girls also loved that the Lord miraculously delivered a baby doll when it was needed. A baby doll sounds so trivial, but it meant the world to that family. A testament that God cares even about the little things.

Clicked here to Purchase ‘Helen Roseveare: The Doctot Who Kept Going No Matter What

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