Review of: ‘The Story of Us’ Mitali Perkins

Mitali Perkins is hands down one of my favorite authors. So when I saw her book new book ‘The Story of Us,’ I jumped at the opportunity to review it. This retelling of the Gospel is beautifully artistic. With poetic storytelling and breath taking imagery, this is a story the whole family will love.

What I Love

This book leans heavily on the concept of Shalom. The idea of everything as it should be. All of Creation living in perfect harmony. ‘The fall’ disrupted this peace. However, the death and Resurrection of Christ redeemed humanity. Now we are living in the tension of already and not yet, as God continues to sanctify the world into perfect Shalom. Yup, that is all wrapped up in this book. Though the words sound simple, poetic, they hold power of the Gospel. The breathtaking illustrations pair perfectly, illustrating the Garden of Eden, the Fall, humanity’s redemption through Jesus, and the new heaven and earth.

I always appreciate Mitali’s writing, because of the poetry. She does not shy away from talking about the death and Resurrection, but because she uses poetry it’s done in a way that even small children can participate in the lesson, and the lesson can be built upon as children grow. Her books are truly an artistic work that can usher in the whole family into a time of prayer.

What My Littles Love

This book sparked some great conversation with my oldest. Between the stories referenced in the illustrations and the significance provoked in the text we were able to chat about a few of the different stories and what they tell us about God and Their story. She especially loved the illustrations of Jesus on the shore making breakfast for his friends after his Resurrection. Though she is familiar with the story, it gave us an opportunity to actually chat about the story and it’s significance, taking the story a little deeper.

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