Review of: His Grace is Enough

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Grace. It’s the beautiful gift that God gives us. Forgiveness of our wrong doings. Roots to help us live loved. However, how do we explain this to littles? We can have them memorize all the scripture about grace in the Bible. But if we don’t take the time to explain what these words mean, does it mean anything?

His Grace Is Enough is a beautiful conversation starter for littles to discuss the meaning of the word grace. With beautiful illustrations and a powerful message, this is a story you will want for your home library.

What I Love

I love the simple message of grace. What is it? I think that this is such a central component of our Christian faith, that it’s important for our littles to understand what grace is. If we focus simply on the morality and rules of our faith, we risk leading our littles into legalism. But grace….oh grace. This book hits the nail on the head, showing littles that grace is for when we mess up. It’s for when we don’t get it right. But God lavishes his grace on us, forgiving us. And an encouragement to parents, that we too can shower our littles in this grace. However, it doesn’t stop there. Grace is also not needing to work to be good enough. We don’t need to fear failure. We don’t need to strive for love. When we don’t get it right, all we have to do is say we’re sorry. That’s it. This is grace.

From my own personal faith, this is a concept I don’t think I ever understood growing up. I had every scripture memorized about grace. I knew the word, but I didn’t KNOW the word. If that makes sense. And because of that the Lord really had to save me from a heart of legalism, and recognizing that he love me regardless. I share this, because I know my story isn’t isolated. I have several friends that grew up in the church with a similar story. So I think it’s important to have these moment where we sit and spell-out what we’re talking about when we say the word ‘grace.’ What do we mean when we say ‘it is by grace you have been saved.’ This book is a powerful tool for starting those conversations. It shows littles what it looks like to be given grace in their daily lives, and can be an encouragement to parents to offer daily grace to our littles as Christ has done for us.

What My Littles Love

Clearly, my littles loved the illustrations. My oldest said she also loved in the end when everyone is friends and happy again. However, she also gave the thoughtful critique that when we mess up and hurt our friends we should want to do what we can to make it right. This lead to a thoughtful conversation on the topics of repentance and reconciliation (we did not use those big words, just the themes). We discussed that living lives full of grace should make us lead us to want to make things right when we have hurt others, because of we are full of God’s love and want others to feel that through us. In light of reading this book with my littles with this follow-up discussion, I don’t feel like that message is very clear in the book, and may need to be explored depending on the age and thought-process of the littles being read to.

All in all I think this is a fabulous discussion tool on the topic of grace. With younger preschoolers its a fantastic read for understanding that nothing we could ever do would make God love them more or less. He always loves us the most. For older kiddos it can serve as a springboard for deeper conversation about grace and what it means to live loved.

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