The Best Christian Apps for Preschoolers

Whether a long road trip is ahead or you’re looking for a way to incorporate educational screen time into homeschool, there are a variety of reasons one may be looking for apps for their preschooler. However, with so many options, and some seeming, well…a little sketchy…it can be hard to know which ones to download and which ones to pass.

Below is a small round up of our favorite Christian apps for kids. All of them are ad-free, they don’t collect your child’s personal information, and the content is trust-worthy.

These are all apps that I have personally explored, and then let my preschooler test and give her opinion. She gave all of these a thumbs up. So they are officially parent reviewed, preschooler approved.

The Bible App for Kids (Spanish Language Settings)

The Bible App for Kids is at the top of the list, mainly because it has a Spanish setting. We have tried a few other apps with Spanish settings saying they were geared for Preschoolers, but the content was either too mature for my 4 year-old, there were third-party advertisements throughout the app, or they asked for my child’s data. This app does none of these. It’s simply a Bible Storytelling App with simple activities that unlock after reading the story.

What my littles love: they love the ‘sticker’ and coloring activities. Those have been so fun, and a great way for them to play through the story after listening.

Bible ABCs for Kids

I love so much about this app. It uses the Bible to practice letter recognition and spelling. Preschoolers practice tracing a lower or upper case letter and then hear a story about a Bible character whose name starts with that letter (i.e. A is for Adam, E is for Eve, etc.) They also have a more advanced level that allows children to spell the names by arranging the letters in a name puzzle before hearing the story.

What my littles love: My 4 year-old loves tracing the stars that form the letters.


Minno is a Christian streaming service providing high-quality, faith-based content for kids. Their App allows families to take the service on-the-go. The service is $4.99, but can be a great alternative to other streaming services. Also the app allows you download videos, which can be fantastic when you have a long flight.

What my littles love: My kids love being able to watch Owlegories, Veggie Tales, and other favorites all in one place.

Evergrace: Christian Kids Stories and Meditations

Evergrace is a faith-based bedtime story app. All the stories have a Christian message to help littles meditate on Christian as they fall asleep.

What my littles love: There is a sleep timer, making this such a useful tool for bedtime routine.

Baby Bible- Old Testament

Out of all of the apps, this is my 4 year-old’s favorite. It’s not a storytelling app, but it uses the Bible stories as a medium for practicing preschool skills. Preschoolers can match shapes on Noah’s ark. They practice color-sorting while helping Abraham and Sarah pack for the trip ahead. And sort David and Goliath’s clothes.

What my littles love: Again, this was my 4 year-olds favorite. The simple activities were engaging and simple

What are your favorite Apps for Preschoolers?

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