The Best Faith-Based Board Books in Spanish

It’s time for a round-up! You all know I can’t get enough Spanish Books, and even better when they are about Jesus! But finding faith-based board books can be tricky. After all, it is was inspired me to write my own. It also means that when I find one I’m quick to pick it up, and I’m now the proud owner of a growing collection of Faith-Based board books en Español. And what are collections for if not to show off. So below are my favorites of the bunch. For those who are also on the hunt for Faith-based board books in Spanish.

*Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with which means I gain a small commission for books purchased through their site (it just helps keep this space running). However, I only link to books I actually recommend and hope that my friends will enjoy as well.

1. Eva: A Bilingual Baby Devotion por Kayla Alonso

Oh hey! That ones mine. When I was struggling to find Faith-based board books for my tiny Spanish-speakers, I decided to write my own. Eva is my first book, using ‘body parts’ to explore the story of Eva and the theology of imago dei: people are made in the image of God.

2. David: A Bilingual Baby Devotion por Kayla Alonso

Oh hey! Me again. David is the second book in the Baby Devotions board book series, teaching littles about the Psalms using their emotions.

3. Animales del Arca de Noé por Bianca Cerrato

Bianca’s story is similar to mine. She could not find bilingual board books for her little. So she got creative and made her own! She now has quite the series, and we LOVE all of them. This first book in the series teaches littles the names of animals in Spanish and English.

4. Frutas con Adan y Eva por Bianca Cerrato

This one is another favorite from Bianca. It explores the Garden of Eden and all the fruits there, even funny ones like tomatoes.

5. El Nacimiento por Bianca Cerrato

We love this Navidad book, teaching littles all the parts of the the nativity in English and Spanish.

6. José y el Abriguito de Colores por Bianca Cerrato

The latest in the Libritos for the Heart collection. Learn about colora

7. Primeros Principios Bíblicos por Danielle Hitchens

The Baby Believer Series is all the rage in English-speaking Christian circles. It’s full of rich theology for little hearts. So imagine my joy when Danielle went on the adventure of producing an edition in Spanish. Having a heart to love her Spanish-speaking readers well, she approached the idea with her publisher. Instead they released her to pursue the idea on her own, and through  Kickstarter this book baby became a reality. This Spanish Edition of ‘First Bible Basics‘ teaches littles their numbers while also exploring the Bible.

8. Busca y Encuentra: La Vida de Jesús por Sarah Parker

You all! The Seek and Find books by Sarah Parker are pure gold! Playtime and Bible time in a book! And I love all the languages they are available in. 

9. Busca y Encuentra:  El Gran Tesoro del Antiguo Testamento por Sarah Parker

This is the Spanish Edition of Seek and Find: Old Testament Bible Stories. When we first unwrapped this treasure, my kids literally sat with it for hours, enthralled with the pictures. It also makes a great addition to any church busy bag.

10. Dios por Devon Provencher

The Big Theology for Little Hearts is a little known treasure. I have rarely seen this series on social media, and didn’t pick-up a copy until I saw the Spanish editions. But let me tell you, these books are lovely. I especially love the one about Dios. The language is clear and concise with simple illustrations for little learners.

11. Jesús por Devon Provencher

Another tiny treasure from Big Theology for Little Hearts. This one explores who is Jesus.

12. Evangelio por Devon Provencher

The last in the Big Theology for Little Hearts collection is Evangelio (The Gospel). Taking littles through our need for a savior,

13. Cercano por Sally Lloyd-Jones

Anyone else a fan of how Sally Lloyd-Jones puts things? I purchased this retelling of Psalm 139 a little before my third baby was born. And it arrive in the mail when I was discharged without him. Being able to take this book to the NICU and read it to him was a life line to me. A reminder that God sees us before we are born. Nothing is hidden from his sight. Even crazy birth stories.

14. Oraciones para Dormir

The Little Words Matter series is another fun one for littles. This tiny book of prayers is perfect for a bedtime routine.

15. Dios Me Hizo 123

This may be the first faith-based board book I ever purchased. It counts all the ways God made us.

16. Libro de Historias Biblicas

This is a board book storybook Bible, with bright stories on each page and simple summaries of the story.

17. 100+ Palabritas Biblicas

Give your little their first words, while also introducing them to the Bible. All words in Ingles y Español.

18. Mi Devocional de Pequeñas Palabritas

A perfect first devotional for little hearts, with tiny meditations to read over little ones.

19. Los Tres Reyes Magos por Lil’ Libros

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with Lil Libros. We love so many of their books, including this book exploring the 3 Kings with Colors.

20. Mi Burrito Sabanero por Canticos

Another one you may already be familiar with is Canticos. They explore traditional Spanish Children Songs in English and Spanish in their board books. They also have apps and YouTube videos to sing along to all of their books. This bilingual book helped me introduce Mi Burrito Sabanero to my mixed-language Sunday School Class. All the littles had fun dancing with el burrito a Belén.

21. Sigamos A Jesús

This sweet storybook Bible tells the stories of people who chose to follow Jesus. From los Reyes Magos a Zaqueo introduce your little to the stories of Jesús and the people he ministered to.

What books would you add to this list? For more Faith-based Spanish Book Recommendations, check out my list over at

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