8 Books for Teaching Children About The Church

*Disclaimer: I recieve a small percentage for books purchased through my affiliate links. However, as only share books I truly recommend.

As we go into a new study of the early church, I have been rounding up our collection of books that talk about the church and what we believe. Clearly I had to make a little list for others searching for such resources. Below you will find a growing list of our favorite books for teaching littles what the church is and what we believe.

The Big Wide Welcome by Trillia Newbell

I’m a big fan of Trillia Newbell, and was so excited when I had the chance to review this book. (You can read my full review here). This book offers insight into a struggle the early church faces, one that persists today, and leads us to Jesus’ way.

God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell

This beautiful book points littles to the fact that God has put his image in every person. Our world is full of diverse people, and so is His church. When we gather with others that are different than ourselves, we see a better reflection of who God is. Best part? This book is available in Spanish: La Gran Idea de Dios

We Believe by Danielle Hitchen

This board book is a lovely introduction to the Apostle’s Creed for the youngest in the family. Using the ABC’s as a medium, little ones will learn who the church is and what we believe.

The Apostles Creed by Natasha Kennedy

We love this beautiful explanation of the Apostles Creed for littles. The book walks families through the creed, not only stating the creed, but offering definition to young learners. The beautifully diverse illustrations are also a gift for showing littles the reality of a multicultural church, and a savior for all people. This book also has a Coloring Book version, which can serve as a fantastic tool for homeschool families.

First Bible Basics by Danielle Hitchen

This lovely little board book is another favorite from the Baby Believer series by Danielle Hitchen. It introduces littles to the Bible, the foundation for understanding what we believe. Spanish Edition: Primeros Principios Biblícos

New City Catechism for Kids

This collection of questions and answers from the Gospel Coalition is designed to teach littles the core doctrines of our faith. These are also available in song version to help with memorization: Listen on Spotify. Spanish version of songs available here: Download Catechism Songs in Spanish.

‘My Pew’ by Regina Murden

My Pew is a wonderful new book helping little ones understand that fellowship of the church goes beyond just sitting in a pew. It is the caring for others who sit with us on Sunday outside of just Sunday. Church doesn’t end on the weekend. We continue to care throughout the week.

Baptized in the Water by Glenys Nellist

This beautiful story is a celebration of Baptism. Though it may look different from tradition to tradition, it is a beautiful tennant of the Christian faith, and deserves to be celebrated no matter when or where we are baptized.

What resources would you add to this list? Comment below!

1 thought on “8 Books for Teaching Children About The Church

  1. Glenys Nellist May 2, 2022 — 3:26 pm

    Thank you so much for including Baptized in the Water in this list, Kayla!

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