4 Ideas for a More Inclusive Children’s Service this Easter

When I first started teaching Sunday School at my church, it quickly became a goal of mine to make sure all of my preschoolers would see themselves the weeks I taught. I wanted to make sure that my children with darker skin tones could see a Jesus that looked like them. I wanted to make sure our Spanish-speaking littles (my littles) had an opportunity to hear Jesus in their heart language. And I wanted to pass down a theology to all of my students that the Kingdom of God is made of every nation, tribe, and tongue (Revelation 7:9).

So I started looking for resources that would meet this goal. If you’re hear, I’m assuming that’s a call on your heart too. To disciple littles in the ways of the Kingdom, where everyone has a place at the table.

Below, I am sharing some of my favorite resources for creating a more inclusive children’s ministry thid Easter.

Use Visuals with Diversity Represented

Check your visual aids. What do the the characters look like? What does Jesus look like? Who will see themselves in the visuals you are using?

Below are some of our favorite Easter Resources:

  • Tiny Truths Bible Stories: Tiny Truths Is a beautiful storybook Bible for young learners. The illustrations are engaging, and they have so many free activities and visuals on their website for Easter.
  • A Very Happy Easter: The Very Best Bible Stories is for sure one of our favorite book series. I’ve never seen a room full of preschoolers so engaged as when we have read these books.
  • The Garden the Curtain and the Cross Sunday School Curriculum: We love all of the books in the Tales That Tell the Truth Series. Really, all of their books point to the Gospel of Christ’s Death and Resurrection, and would work for Easter Sunday. However, we especially love that they have a whole curriculum for the Garden the Curtain and the Cross books. And most of their other books have illustrations for projectors available for reading to a large group.
  • Love Gave: This is by far one of my favorite books for explaining the death and resurrection to littles. Quina Aragon has pit all of her poetic energy into making the Gospel understandable for young listeners

Sing Bilingual Songs

If you are bilingual, or know some praise songs in another language, having a bilingual worship service!

Teaching preschool Sunday School, I often like to use music from Yancy Ministries. She has a Spanish album with Jaci Velasquez singing many Yancy songs in Spanish. Most of the songs are super repetitive, making it easy to sing the chorus in English, then in Spanish. Or to switch some of the words to the other language when introducing it to our littles. One of our favorite songs to sing bilingually is Hosanna Rock. You can see our Bilingual Ukekele cover of this song over on Instagram.

Another option is to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me‘ in different languages. This is a song that has been translated into so many languages. Listener Kids even has examples of how to do this!

Change-up the Candy in your Egg Hunt

If you’re hosting an egg hunt, make sure to include allergy friendly eggs. There are so many littles with food allergies and restrictions. Let’s make sure they can enjoy the hunt as well. You could pick up allergy-friendly candies.

Another idea is to fill eggs with small toys or non-edible items. Oriental trading has several bulk toy options, and pre-filled eggs. Other non-edible egg fillers we use in our own home are:

  • Redbox Codes
  • Tokens to the Scheeles Ferris Wheel
  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Bracelets
  • Crayons
  • Erasers
  • Mini playdough and slime
  • Mini figurines, army men, lego people, etc.
  • Small cars
  • Bouncy balls

Look at Your Leadership Team

Finally, and probably most important, look who is on your planning team. Does everyone look the same? Sound the same? It’s important for littles to also see role models who look like them in leadership roles. Maybe think about inviting others to the table. However, let’s not just seek diversity to ‘be diverse. Let’s be willing to listen, be ready to listen, learn and put in some work to bring new ideas to life.

What will your church be doing for Easter? Hope these ideas can help encourage your ministry.

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