Spanish Valentines Round-Up + A Prayer For A Valentines Exchange

Vale’s school has a ‘No Holiday’ policy, meaning they generally do not celebrate holidays at school, in order to be respectful of all belief and cultural backgrounds of students.

So I was a bit surprised, but also delighted when her teacher sent home a note advising parents that they would be exchanging friendship cards in class.

Clearly, we had to pick up some Spanish Valentines. Vale was just tickled to find some Valentines the friends in her Spanish-immersion Kindergarten would be able to read themselves. And I made a little round- up below so I can have these Spanish Valentines on hand in the future.

Also, this may be my favorite moment of Valentina this school year. Sitting, listening to her tell stories about all of her classmates as she scribbled out their names. Hearing her list off her favorite thing about each person. If left me so thankful for the friendships she is growing, and for her Kindergarten teacher. And afterwards I wrote a little prayer.

A Prayer for a Valentines Exchange:

Dear God,

May we be aware of your presence as our littles prepare their Valentines.

May we see every name written as an embodied prayer,

And little chats about classmates as Holy conversations.

May we be blessed as we hear about the friendships our little has cultivated throughout the year.

May we take joy as they take joy in telling us about their peers.

And when they reveal to us a friendship where there is tension,

give us wisdom in guiding them to be embassadors of your shalom.

May these tiny tokens of friendship, actually be seeds of kindness sown.

May every little feel loved, and surprised by friendship.

And as our littles seek to show their classmates love, May they gain a deeper understanding of your love.


Free Printable Spanish Valentines:

Lufi and Friends: Cute Valentines with puns based of the Lufi and Friends books.

Niños al Natural: Cute Spanish pun Valentines.

Be a Heart: Valentines featuring different Saints.

Lil Libros: Valentines featuring the Lil’ Libros Characters

Little Dreamers: Astronaut – themed Valentines

Spanish Mama: Valentines with sweet Spanish phrases

Talk Box: Spanish pun Valentines

Paper Taco: Bilingual Valentine Cards

LadydeeLG: Sweet Spanish phrases

Solo Pa Ti: Soccer Valentines

Living Mi Vida Loca: The Good Dinosaur Valentines Robot, color-your-own, and animal themed Valentines.

Mi Legasi: Cute animal-themed Valentines. A Spanglish Version is also available.

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