‘I Wonder’ Storybook Bible by Glenys Nellist–Blog Hop and Review

‘I Wonder’ is the latest creation from the pen of Glenys Nellist. With eye-catching illustrations, and artful storytelling, it is a Storybook Bible that will leave littles in awe of how amazing our God is, and what he may have planned for their lives.

What I Love

First of all, the illustrations are ejust gorgeous. They are beautifully crafted with amazing detail that will sweep the reader into the story.

I also love the whole premise of the Storybook Bible: ‘I Wonder.’ Each story ends with a few simple questions, inviting littles to revel in the wonder of God. For example, at the end of the Christmas story, littles are invited to wonder: ‘…what angel Gabriel looks like….if there are still angels in the world…what it would have been like to be in the stable that night.’

These ponderings show it is ok to have questions at the end of the story. We don’t have to have all the answers to have faith, something that is not always encouraged, but has been very meaningful in my own personal faith.

Finally, I love that this Storybook Bible features the story of Nehemiah! This is a story I have grown to love as an adult, but honestly had never heard it until I was an adult. I have literally never seen a storybook Bible feature this story, but it’s a bit of an important milestone in understanding the timeline of the Bible. So I am excited Glenys broke the mold of what is normal, and included this story.

What My Littles Love

So funny story, when my littles first opened this package, their first question was ‘Is this an animal boom for me?’ Haha nope, it’s a storybook Bible. But all the animals on the cover immediately piqued their interest.

My littles loved all the little details in the story, like the baby lions in the lion’s den. That was just the best part of the story.

I was also surprised at how well my 3.5 year-old sat for the stories. These stories are a little longer, definitely geared towards late preschooler/Kindergartener. However, the storytelling was just so magical, that my 3 year-old sat and listened on the edge of her seat. She asked clarifying questions, like ‘They threw him to the lions?’ And she didn’t get up once, which is amazing, because if a book bores her she’s out of there. She has other things to do.

I would definitely recommend this book for families looking for a devotional option that will help engage their littles in the wonder of God and his big plan, and who’s littles are ready for discussion time after the story.

Click Here to get your copy of ‘I Wonder’ by Glenys Nellist

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2 thoughts on “‘I Wonder’ Storybook Bible by Glenys Nellist–Blog Hop and Review

  1. It is a beautifully illustrated Bible storybook. I know Glenys Nellist is a progressive Christian, though, and their views on the Bible and it’s accuracy and authority don’t align with mine 😔 Are you also a progressive Christian?


    1. I guess I would have to know more about your beliefs to assess where I fall on the conservative/progressive scale. Tbh, in my quick review of this storybook Bible, I would say she is simply offering retellings of classic stories, with some thoughts to wonder about at the end. Nothing leaning anywhich way, just fantastical retellings. However, if buying a storybook Bible from this author makes you hesitant I have a whole page with other suggestions for storybook Bibles. Even a toddler audio Bible with a more conservative leaning❤ hope that helps. You can always send me an email at babydevotions@gmail.com and I am open to chatting about this more with you to help find a tool that works for your family.


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