Review of: Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer

Anyone else love the Risen Motherhood Podcast? I am a huge fan. Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler are gifted in the art of contextualizing the Gospel for everyday motherhood. They take seemingly mundane topics and show us where Jesus is speaking throughout our day. So imagine my excitement when I found out Laura Wifler was writing the latest book in the Tales That Tale The Truth Series: ‘Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer.’

Growing up, I was taught that prayer was ‘talking with God.’ And Laura does a fantastic job sharing this truth, but takes it a step further, showing littles what the Gospel has to do with our prayer lives. With big meditations for little hearts, and their parents, Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer not only guides families to see the importance of prayer, but into a deeper prayer life.

What I love

As with all the books in the Tales That Tell The Truth Series, I love the rich Theology shared within the pages, highlighting where the Gospel is throughout the books.

In Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Laura highlights the need for prayer after The Fall in the Garden of Eden. Before that we could commune with God face to face, but now we had to rely on prayer. Then she takes us to Jesus, showing us that he is God incarnate and how speaking with Jesus was like speaking to God, because he was God. She also highlights how Jesus communed with God the Father through prayer. Jesus died and was risen to life so that someday we will commune with God face to face again, but for now we still have prayer. Any we can talk to God any time, any place, and about anything at all. This is a beautiful truth that families can enjoy together, bringing them closer to God and understanding the way that’s been made for us to communicate with Him.

What my littles love

This book is one of the meatier ones in this series, with lots of separate pictures on each page. My 3 year old needed some snacks to make it to the end. However, my 5 year-old was enthralled until they end. My littles loved the promise at the end that some day we will be with our brothers and sisters in Christ and will be able to hang out with God face-to-face. What a sweet gift for us all to cling to.

Click Here to Get Your Own Copy of ‘Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer’ by Laura Wifler

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