Prepping for Kindergarten with Raising Prayerful Kids

Maybe you are feeling a bit weepy about your little one suddenly becoming so big! Maybe you have some hesitation about sending your child to school after they have been home for so long. Are they ready? Will they have trouble being dropped off? Will they be behind? What will school be like?

Steph and I both have daughters who are starting Kindergarten in the Fall, so we are familiar with the joys and nerves that come along with this next big adventure.

We believe that the best thing you can do for your kids all the time, is pray for them! We have a few resources to help you pray for your kids as they head off to school.

August Prayer Calendar

This is our Back-to-School Calendar with one thing to pray for each day this month so you can easily pray for your kids’ upcoming school year! We’ve also included a blank calendar so you can make your own and fill in what you want to pray about. This works for homeschool too! Download the calendar by clicking the link below and filling-out the form:

Click Here to Recieve Raising Prayerful Kids’ Back-to-School Calendar

Pocket Prayers

We love sending our kiddos off to school with pocket prayers. They can fold up a prayer or a verse in their pocket or lunch box and remember that God is with them. You can write a note on the pocket prayer too to remind them how loved they are. We have created some Back-to-School Pocket prayers for your to print-out for your Kindergartener.

Click Here to Download Kindergarten Pocket Prayers

Girl Chant/Boy Chant Printable

My husband, Eric, wanted to teach our son how to be a man after God’s own heart, so he came up with a ‘Man Chant’ for them to say together. Eric started teaching this to Charlie when he was on two and now they chant it in unison together whenever they say goodbye. I decided to adopt it for the girls as well. This is fun to say to our kids when we say goodbye to remind them who they are in Jesus. You may want to make your own too!

Click Here to Download ‘Girl Chant’ Printable

Click Here to Download ‘Man Chant’ Printable


  • ‘The Kissing Hand’ by Audrey Penn: This sweet book is about a Racoon who is going off to school. He is very nervous, but his mom reassures him by giving him a kiss on his hand. I read this book to my big kids when they went off to Kinder and we made sure to kiss each other’s hands before drop off.
  • ‘Hand to Hold’ by JJ Heller: We just got this new book by JJ Heller! It is so sweet, and is based-off her song ‘Hand to Hold.’ The book is basically one big beautiful blessing and it will remind your child that you will love them forever, no matter what.

We hope that you find these resources helpful as you prepare for school to start! We are praying for you as you begin this new adventure of school! Please reach out with any questions or comments! We would love to connect more and share some other resources with you. You can find us at or Instagram and Facebook at @raisingprayerfulkids .

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