Review of: God’s Very Colorful World

You all know how much I love The Very Best Bible Stories Series by Tim Thornborough. So when the opportunity came up to review the latest book in the series, I just jumped at the opportunity. God’s Very Colorful World is a fun way to introduce littles to the days of creation, while also helping them learn their colors!

What I Loved

The pictures are bright! Jennifer Davison always does a fantastic job of creating bold and captivating images in her books. The beautiful hues engage littles in the text, while also helping them learn about the colors around them. The text also doesn’t simply stop with basic colors like red and blue. But they offer littles a greater vocabulary, showcasing words like periwinkle and puce.

I always love that the characters in this series are people of color. God’s Very Colorful World makes a point of showing littles that God has made all people, of every color in His image, and it is good! It can be pretty hard to find Christian kids books that featuring people of color. So I am thankful that this series is committed to adding visual representation into the book world. Even better is how The Good Book Company has been working to provide Spanish translations to many of these books.

Finally, I love the conversation starters this books started. My 5 year-old was so concerned seeing a bear and a pig on the same page. Isn’t that dangerous? What if the bear eats the pig?! This lead us to discussing the concept of Shalom. In God’s perfect world everyone takes care of each other, and loves each other as we should, including the animals. We talked about sin entering the world, and turning that perfection on its head. And we talked about the sacrifice of Jesus that redeems the world and makes things write, and how we can continue to partner with him to restore the world to that perfect shalom. All that from a little conversation about a bear and a bunny. It’s amazing how and where the gospel can show up!

What My Littles Loved

My littles, as always, LOVED the illustrations. But really they are so engaging. Who could help, but be swept away by them. They also loved the rhyming text, and trying to identify all of the colors mentioned. This really is such a fun story that any little would enjoy.

Click here to get your copy of God’s Very Colorful World.

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