Do Great Things for God: A Celebration of Faithful Women

As a girl mom, I pray that my littles will know how valuable they are. I pray they will know that they have a place in the work of the Kingdom.

That’s why I was so excited when I learned of the ‘Do Great Things for God‘ series by Laura Wickham.

This series shares the stories of amazing Christian women throughout history, and the contributions they have made to the church.

What I Love

I love books sharing the stories of amazing women in history. And even better is this series shares the stories of women who were used by God to do great things. The series includes both well known women like Corrie ten Boom, and lesser know such as Betsey Stockton. We recieved both of the books from the Good Book Company in return for an honest review.

I love how these books share the stories of these brave women in an age-appropriate way. As our little ones read the stories, they find role models that show them what it means to follow Christ no matter what.

I appreciated that they chose to highlight the story of Betsey Stockton, a woman who had once been enslaved who became a missionary to Hawaii. A line from this book shares why this series is so important. ‘It was very unusual for single women and people who had been enslaved to go on missions trips.’ This statement is true, and it’s worth expounding that the reason it was unusual is because single women and People of Color were not always allowed to participate in missions trips. Historically, many denominations have made it difficult for single women to participate in leadership (including missions). That’s why this series is so important. It is shining a light on the stories of women who lived the Kingdom of God despite earthly constructed social barriers.

I look forward to seeing what other stories may be added to this series, and i have hope to see the stories of more diverse voices. Maybe we’ll have a chance to introduce our littles to heroes of faith like Jeanette Li and Sojourner Truth.

What My Littles Loved

My littles love reading the stories of these women and their bravery. The pictures were eye-catching, and the story had so many fun details, my littles couldn’t help, but be captivated.

My 4 year-old has recently become very aware of gender stereotypes. And we have daily conversations about how girls can play pirates too, and boys indeed can like the color pink and carry baby dolls.

This is a totally normal developmental stage, however it’s often helpful to show her real-life examples. These books are a fantastic tool for just that. These are no replacement for showing her women role models of faith in her own life. Still, they are a fantastic way to point her to the truth that God has used women throughout history to accomplish his Kingdom work. And he’s still working. As we read these books we can be encouraged that God desires to use us for his Kingdom work too!

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