Review of: Penguin and Moose by Hannah C. Hall

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“A friend loves at all times.” -Proverbs 17:17.

This is the main theme of Hannah C. Hall’s new book,“Penguin and Moose.” follow young Penguin and his friend, Moose as they try new ways to help penguin fly, and learn an important lesson on friendship.

What’s it about?

Little Penguin just wants to fly. He spends the whole day spreading his flippers and trying to touch the clouds. As you may imagine, he’s not very successful. However, through every attempt and failure, his friend, Moose, is right by his side. With the loving wisdom of his dad, Penguin realizes what a gift his friendship with Moose is, and he realizes even if he can’t fly, he has a good friend.

What I Loved

I love a good book that shows, little ones the meaning behind scripture. This book does just that, showing little ones what it means to be and have a loving friend. I love sweet little Penguin’s determination to fly, and Moose’s kindness as he walks that journey with his friend. I also love how Hannah naturally weaves the scripture into the story, showing children how to see where a Biblical principle they have been learning applies to their lives.

What My Toddlers Loved

My girls, of course, loved the illustrations. They really are just charming and sweep you into the story. Vale also loved little penguin and how he just tried so hard to fly. And she also noted that the cookies they eat at the end of the story look delicious.

You can get your own copy of this lovely book here!

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