Review of: The Promises of God Storybook Bible

You all know how I love a good Storybook Bible, so when the chance arose to review “The Promises of God Storybook Bible” by Jennifer Lyell, I just had to jump at the opportunity.

What I loved

This book focuses on the promises of God, and features a promise for every week of the year. It shares stories in an age-appropriate way so that preschoolers can really understand the story. It also has discussion questions at the end of every story, helping little ones soak-up the scripture through discussion. In addition, the illustrations are so well done. They are vivid, and detailed, really capturing the imagination and drawing the reader into the story.

I also appreciated that this Storybook Bible talks about the prophets, and God’s promise of salvation through the prophets. I feel like that is rare for Storybook Bibles, but definitely a beautiful thing about this one. Talking about the prophets gives context for Why the Israelites were waiting for the Messiah, and the importants of Jesus’ birth.

What my toddlers loved

The girls loved the beautiful illustrations. They really are vivid, and keep the reader’s attention. My 3.5 year-old really loved the discussion questions, giving her a chance to show-off what she knows and process the story.

Some things to consider before buying this book

One thing I noted about the book, is that the stories are fairly dense on each page. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but would definitely make this book more appropriate for older preschoolers and younger elementary as opposed to a toddler’s first Storybook Bible. Some of the discussion questions are also worded a little tricky. For example, one of the discussion questions for the Christmas story was “When they (Mary and Joseph) got to Bethlehem, what hospital did they stay at?” Again, not necessarily bad, but probably geared towards elementary grades.

You can get your copy of “The Promises of God Storybook Bible” by clicking here or the image below!

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