Two New ‘Somethings to Read’ for your Toddler’s Stocking

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I recieved a small commission for items purchased through these links. However, all opinions are my own, and I only recommend products I really love.

Christmas is right around the corner, and many of us are looking for ‘something to read’ to stuff our little ones’ stockings. And just in time, Glenys Nellist is launching 2 new books. “Good News! God Made Me” and “Good News! It’s Christmas.” Below I’ll share what we loved about the books, and a chance to win a copy before the holidays!

Good News! God Made Me!

This brilliant books highlights how incredible God has made our little ones. It illustrates the concept by following a pair of toddlers through out their day, as Mom picks them up from Grandma’s house, they go home to Dad, and all are tucked into bed. God makes us wonderfully, and he gives us families to love us. I especially love that the family is Multicultural! There are so few resources on the market that represent multicultural families, it was a joy to see multicultural families celebrated in the book.

What my toddlers love?

Vale loves the little girl in this story. She is lively and playful, and I can only assume that she thinks they would be friends.Naomi love the baby in the book. I mean, what toddler doesn’t love babies? Mine certainly does, and everytime we turn the page to a baby she lights up.

Good News! It’s Christmas!

This book paints a sweet picture of the Nativity. Following Mary and Joseph as they make their way to Bethlehem. The animals waiting for the baby to be born. Joyful parents and Jesus enters the world. The journey of the shepherds and wisemen to see the newborn king. This really is a beautiful introduction to the nativity. I love a lot of things in this book, but on of my favorite details is this little girl in the background that sees everything going on. She sees Jesus born and then is seen running through the streets to the shepherds, and is there on the last page admiring the newborn king. She isn’t really written into the story, but I think her presence there matters. Jesus was born into a warm culture, and Mary and Joseph were travelling to stay with family in Bethlehem. I think it’s a reasonable assumption that Jesus probably had some cousins running around and excited that there was a new baby. I don’t know who this little girl really is supposed to be, we’d probably have have to ask Lizzy Walkley, the illustrator. However, I love her presence in the story.

What my toddlers love?

As mentioned above, my toddlers are baby crazy, so any story centered on a baby is a win over here. And in my opinion, it’s an even bigger win if that baby is Jesus.They also love the donkey. Their favorite Christmas carol is “Mi Burrito Sabanero,” so they will take any excuse to break out in the chorus.


These books are coming just in time for Christmas, so we will be hosting a couple of Giveaways! Discovery House is Sponsoring a Giveaway over on the Baby Devotions Instagram Page from December 2-December 4th. Make sure you are following us on Instagram to stay updated and have a chance to win!I love these books so much that we will also be giving a copy of ‘Good News! God Made Me’ and ‘Good News! It’s Christmas’ to 1 lucky e-mail subscriber. If you are already subscribed to Baby Devotion’s e-mails, you’re in! If not, Subscribe Here! Winner will be randomly selected on December 4th at 10 p.m.

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