Review of “Quinn Says Goodbye” by Christie Thomas

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Christie Thomas has done it again! I was so impressed by her first Quinn book, Quinn’s Promise Rock, as she artfully offered small children faith-based skills to manage anxiety. And now she is guiding little ones in navigating grief and loss in her book Quinn Says Goodbye. I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher in return for my honest review, and I am so excited to share about this book! I absolutely love it and know you will too.

What I Loved

Christie knows how to strategically craft a story that will captivate a child and minister to their souls. Grief is a hard topic to discuss with children, but sadly it is a reality for many. Weather through death of a loved a pet, the loss of a loved one, or the struggle of foster care, there are many ways little ones may experience loss. “Quinn Says Goodbye” introduces us to a new friend named Blink! A little firefly that quickly gains the friendship of Quinn. However, Quinn is suddenly struck with loss as one day Blink seems to have disappeared. Quinn wrestles with the sadness her new friend has left behind, and her mother gently guides her to the truth that no matter what, God is always with us and will comfort us.

I loved how Christie gracefully uses her gift of storytelling to tackle such a tough subject. Little Quinn is just as adorable as in her first book, and Blink is equally as sweet. I love how Christie shows all the emotions within grief and loss through Quinn. Quinn is a character that little ones can relate to and empathize with and her wise mother offers guidance to parents on words to use when helping little ones navigate such strong emotions.

I can’t give a review of this book without mentioning the stunning illustrations. Sydney Hanson is so gifted and her characters just seem to leap off the page and into your heart.

What My Littles Loved

Of course my little ones love Quinn. They, of course, remembered her from the first book. They also loved spotting little Blink. My 3 year-old was quite able to identify when Blink was sick and hurt, and when Quinn was sad. This book provider an opportunity for us to talk about those hard emotions and how God is with us even when things are hard and we feel sad.

How To Use This Book

This beautiful book would make a perfect addition to a ministry library, to keep on hand to help parents and caregivers guide little ones experiencing loss. I think this book is also a wonderful tool for foster families who are helping little ones navigate separation. This is how we used it. We volunteer with an organization that hosts children whose families are experiencing crisis. One of the little friends that has been hanging out with us has had to navigate grief and loss. We had read “Quinn’s Promise Rock” together, and they absolutely loved it. And I knew she would love “Quinn Says Goodbye” as well.

Grab Your Copy!

“Quinn Says Goodbye” by Christie Thomas

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