Blog Hop for “The Wonder That Is You” By Glenys Nellist

I am so excited to be participating in the blog hop for Glenys Nellist’s new book “The Wonder That Is You. Glenys Nellist is such a talented author with several books on the market. She has truly mastered the art of storytelling for children, so I was just tickled to participate. With whimsical language, and breath-taking illustrations, “The Wonder That Is You” is the perfect gift for new parents or a small child.

What I loved

This lovely book truly captures the glorious moment a new little one enters the room, and all the joy that fills the air.

“I felt as if the world stood still

The day my dream came true,

And all creation paused to see the

The wonder that is you. “

This is how the boom starts. And continues in rhythms, rhymes, and prose. This makes it so captivating for little ears, and rhyming is wonderful for literacy development. The story continues, sharing about all the emotion that surrounds the birth of this new little one.

I also adored the beautiful illustrations. Featuring families of many different ethnicities, and taking a lot of inspiration from floral and woodland motifs. This book looks like a magical dream. The colors seem to pop off the page, and fill the imagination with wonder.

What The Toddlers Love

Vale and Naomi, of course, loved the babies! There are babies on almost every a page, and the ones without babies have sweet forest friends to spot. In Vale’s words, this book is “so cute!” And I must agree that it really just gushes with sweetness, like a kind of prayer for little ones. May our little ones always know how precious they are. How loved they are. That they are an important part of this world.

The Perfect Gift

Again, this is the perfect book for new parents, a new baby, or a small child to let them know just how loved they are. You can see more about this book in this video from ZondervanKidz. Pick up your own copy from Amazon or Indie Bound.

We will also be hosting a Giveaway on Instagram from July 29th -July 31, 2019!

Learn more about this book and snag another chance to win “The Wonder That Is You,” visit Kelly Ann at Our Everyday Harvest on August 5th!

2 thoughts on “Blog Hop for “The Wonder That Is You” By Glenys Nellist

  1. Glenys Nellist July 29, 2019 — 2:29 pm

    Thank you so much, Kayla, for this wonderful review! I love it that you shared what your little ones thought of it!


    1. They really loved it. Thanks for writing such a lovely book


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