Pray n’ Play Packs

Friends, I am so excited to announce a new product the Baby Devotions Etsy Shop!

I don’t know about you, but some days I am just tired. I don’t have brain energy to figure out what to make for dinner, much less whip up an activity for my little ones. That’s why I’m launching Pray n’ Play Packs!

What Are Pray n’ Play Packs?

Pray n’ Play Packs are printable activity packs that make it easy to teach little ones the Word of God. The packs can easily be adapted for use at home or in a Sunday School class.

Each pack includes:

-Scripture verse in English and Spanish

-Poem or Fingerplay in English and Spanish*

-A Spanish and English Alphabet coloring pages

-2 Simple, low-prep activities

-A page of additional ideas and book recommendations.

*The Little Lamb Pray n’ Play Pack does not include an additional poem or finger play, because it is based off Psalm 23 which is poetry.


Each individual Pray n’ Play Pack is $3. However, you may also choose to purchase a Bundle of 5 themed Pray n’ Play Packs for $10.

The Farm Prayers Bundle is a collection of 5 Pray n’ Play Packs that explores the Psalms using farm animals.


CLICK HERE to download your FREE SAMPLE of the Little Chicks Pray n’ Play Pack.

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