The Best Easter Songs for Kids

Easter is only a couple weeks away! Can you believe it? I know many are looking for ways to show their little ones that Easter is more than just baby animals, eggs, and bunnies. However, not everyone is an activities person! (If you are that is awesome too. Check out these Toddler Easter Activities). There are many ways to explore the Gospel with little ones. However, one of the easiest ways may be music. So I’ve rounded up a list of the best Easter songs for little ones. These are all links to the YouTube video. However, you can find these songs on Amazon or also stream on Spotify. You can add these to your Holy Week playlist, or add them to your family worship time. Over here we’ve been using them for our toddler dance parties.

The Best Easter Songs for Kids

Hosanna Rock by Yancy

One, two, three by Yancy

White As Snow by Yancy

Our God Reigns by Yancy

No Other Name by Yancy

The Bunny Song by Yancy

Free by Hillsong Jr.

Free as a Bee by Hillsong Jr.

Super Hero by Hillsong Jr.

Jesus Loves Me by Listener Kids

Victory in Jesus by Luke Gambill

Shout Hosanna by Luke Gambill

Kids Easter Medley

Eternal Life by Seeds Family Worship

Grace by Seeds Family Worship

Sing for Joy by Seeds Family Worship

John 3:16 by The Rizers

The King Has Finally Come by The Bible Album

John 1:1, 4-5 by With Harp and Lyre

Revelation 21:4-5 by With Harp and Lyre

What song is your favorite? Your kids’ favorites? What songs would you add to the list? Comment Below!

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