The Best Spanish Easter Songs for Kids

Easter is coming! So we have been talking more about the Gospel and the resurrection. One of the simplest ways to teach little ones is through song. In our bilingual home, we Re always looking for songs in Spanish. These have been our go-to songs throughout the Lenten season. All of the songs link to their YouTube video. However, they are also available on Amazon. We put them on our Spotify Pascua Playlist for toddler dance parties.

The Best Spanish Easter Songs for Kids!

Hosanna Rock por Yancy

Uno, Dos, Tres por Yancy

Libre en Jesus por Hillsong Jr.-Español

Jesus, Mi Salvador– por Generacion 12 Kids

Hijo de la Promesa– por Generacion 12 Kids

El Conejito de Jesus-por Viva el Amor

El Tren de Salvation– Por Biper y Sus Amigos

Increíble– por Miel San Marcos

Siempre Que Me Muevo– por Rey de Reyes Kids

Esta Es Una Fiesta– por Generacion 12 Kids

Super Heroe– por Hillsong Jr. -Español

Cantaré de Tu Amor– por Xtreme Kids

Cristo Me Ama– por Listener Kids

Vamos a Celebrar– por FairHope Kids

Needing English Songs? Check out:

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