A Toddler Devotion on Moses

Last week we played through the story of Joseph, which is essentially the story of God leading his people to Egypt. Time past, and a new Pharoah came to power who did not know Joseph. He feared the Israelites as they grew in number, so he enslaved them. But God had a plan. He did not forget his people. He would deliver them, and in doing so cast a foreshadowing of his plan to rescue the whole world from the slavery of sin.

A Baby in a Basket

Moses was the man God would choose to lead his people to freedom. He was set apart in the beginning. When Pharoah made a decree that every Hebrew baby boy was to be killed, the Hebrew midwife refused. This made way for Moses to be born. His mother hid him by placing him in a basket and floating it on the Nile. Pharoah’s daughter found the baby and adopted him. We played through this story by exploring the words float and sink, because Moses floated on the water.

  1. We gathered items
  2. Filled a sink full of water
  3. Then tested whether the items would sink or float.

Blippi has a great video showing the experiment, and offering vocab to use with toddlers (Spanish: Flotar o Hundir).

The Burning Bush

God called to Moses through a Bush that was on fire, but did not burn up.

We used edible finger paint to paint with fire.

What you need:

  • Red, yellow, and orange food coloring
  • Baby cereal
  • Water

What you do:

  1. Mix baby cereal with a good amount of water.
  2. Add food coloring to make yellow orange, and red paint.
  3. Let them paint with the colors on white paper to make a “fire.”

The 10 Plagues

When Pharoah hardened his heart, and refused to let the Hebrew nation go, God released plagues upon Egypt. We explored the plagues using a discovery bin filled with different items to symbolize each plague.

The 10 Plagues:

  1. A Number 10
  2. Water turned to blood– water+red food coloring
  3. Frogs- a toy frog
  4. Gnats–chia seeds+water
  5. Flies–a toy fly
  6. Death of livestock–a toy cow
  7. Boils–a bandaid
  8. Hail–snowball pom pom
  9. Locust–toy locust
  10. Darkness–sunglasses
  11. Death of the firstborn son– friendly skull

God Parts the Red Sea

Finally, Pharoah released God’s people. However, before they got too far, Pharoah changed his mind. As they approached the Red Sea, Pharaoh chased after them. They had no where to go, but God had a plan! He parted the waters for the people to walk on dry land. And when they had reached the otherside, Pharoah’s army was swallowed up by the sea. God saved the day.

To play through this story we used a small world bin. Pro-tip: this gets messy, so put down a tarp, or play in the bath tub.

What you need:

  • Blue Jello (prepared)
  • Crushed Graham crackers
  • Small toys

What you do:

  1. Separate the jello
  2. Lay a path down using graham crackers
  3. Arrange toys walking along the path
  4. Read the story, then play!
Again, it gets messy!

The 10 Commandments

Finally, closing up our lessons on Moses, we learned about the 10 Commandments, also known as “10 Ways to be Perfect” from the Jesus Storybook Bible. We read the story of the 10 Commandments, as well as watched the Slalom Sesame version (a great option for Sesame Street fans). Then we did a simple number-matching game.

I simply drew 2 tablets on a piece of paper. Then I wrote numbers 1-10 on them. I wrote numbers 1-10 on some dot stickers, and we matched the numbers.


This week we watched Veggie Tales: Moe and the Big Exit (Spanish: Moe y el Gran Escape). I love this episode, because it brings the story dow. To a level small children can comprehend.

We also listened to the Jesus is Better Podcast by Alicia Yoder (Episodes 1-6). This podcast is so full of Gospel truth that both parents and little ones need to hear. We listen at breakfast with Vale (2.5) and she is fully engaged, and I leave feeling encouraged by the simple messages that show where Christ is in the story.

God’s Rescue Plan

This story always amazes me with the symbolism and foreshadowing of God’s rescue plan for the world. Just as God delivered the Israelites from slavery, he would also one day deliver the whole world from the slavery of sin. As a lamb atoned for the first born child, so the greatest lamb would atone for the world. I find so much hope in this. Just as he heard the cries of his people in Egypt. He hears our prayers in the midst of our everyday struggles. Whatever you are facing, friend, God sees you. Whether you are on the potty training struggle-bus, or you are in the depths of postpartum depression and can’t see the end. God sees you. You are not forgotten. He cares, and he is making a way out. As we’re going throughout our days, let us meditate on the hope we have in the ultimate deliverance through Christ.

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