Advent Ideas for Preschoolers

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Advent is almost here, and I have recieved a lot of questions about advent activities for little ones. There are a lot that focus on Christmas trees and Santa, but not as many that focus on the Christmas story. So I did a quick round up of some of my favorite faith-based advent activities on the internet.

Advent Wreaths

Advent Wreath Reading Plan by Christie Thomas

I learned about the family Advent Wreath from Christie Thomas. This tradition focuses on preparing our hearts for Christ by lighting candles and doing a weekly reading. This is an activity that will become a tradition as your children grow.

Raising Prayerful Kids Advent Readings

This advent reading plan by Raising Prayerful Kids is perfect for families. All you need is an advent Wreath, download their advent reading pack and you have everything you need to start this meaningful family tradition.


Expectant is a beautiful study from The Littles and Me, geared to help families keep the holidays simple, but meaningful.

Cards and Calendars

Advent Story Cards

The Advent Story Cards by Color and Kindess, guide your family through the Bible, discovering the need for a savior, as we prepare our hearts for Christ. Each card is beautifully designed with actual scripture to read with your littles.

Relationship-Building Advent Calendar

Another idea for an advent calendar is to focus on building relationships. These 25 Relationship-Building Activities from Clarity with Charity are designed to bring your family closer and build your faith.

Prayer Chain Advent Calendar

Focus on prayer and thanksgiving with this Prayer Chain printable from Happy Home Fairy, encouraging littles to remember Christ’s birth with each link broken through the countdown.

Craft Calendar

This is for all the crafty moms. This craft advent calendar from House Wife Eclectic has 25 simple craft activities, all geared towards keeping Christ at the center of your celebrating.

Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan

Finally, the Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan is a great option for families who own and love the Jesus Storybook Bible. The free cards are captivating and feature a guide for preparing young hearts for the arrival of Christ.

Zoe Life Advent Devotional Cards

These new devotional cards are perfect for exploring the Christmas story as a family. Each hand-illustrated, and features a scripture reading to help countdown the days until Christmas.

Serving with Children

Stephanie Oyler over at @hearthappylearning on Instagram has an awesome Serving with Children advent calendar, filled with ideas on how to serve with littles everyday this holiday season.

Advent Coloring Cards

Do you have a little artist in your life. These Advent Coloring Cards from Raising Little Disciples are the perfect tool for little ones who love to color.


Jesus Without Language Daily Advent

This printable pack features daily activities for littles to discover the meaning of Christmas. Best of all? It’s now available in Spanish! Click here to get your copy.

Is it time yet?

‘Is it time yet?’ Is a beautiful study for preschoolers and their families. It walks children through the Bible as we prepare for Jesus and showing that Jesus was God’s rescue plan for the world. With activities for both older and younger children, this study can become a tradition your family will enjoy year after year.

Carol the Christmas story

What preschooler doesn’t love music? The season is filled with song and Christmas Carols. Carol the Christmas story with this list of songs that tell the nativity story.

Christmas Game Pack

Another wonderful resource from Color and Kindness is her new Christmas Game Pack sharing the Nativity Story through educational table games.

Christmas Sensory Kit

Little Seeds Company creates Bible-curated sensory kits for little ones. Their Nativity Kit is awesome to engage little ones with the Christmas story.

Sticker Nativity

We did this Vale last year at 18 months, and she loved it. Using our Advent Reading Plan, once a week we would read a part of the Christmas story, and then stick the correlating stickers to the sticker scene. I have also heard of people doing this with play nativities, ring out one piece at a time.

Advent Celebration Activity Pack

Tenikca Gainey at Hits with the Mrs. Has a fantastic Advent Activity Pack. Featuring diverse characters and simple ideas, this is a perfect way to celebrate the season.

Family Advent Guide

Alissa Case at Little Way Chapel has a fantastic Advent guide for families, even featuring Saint celebrations like St. Nick’s day and St. Lucia’s day. This is a beautiful way to help your little embrace all the season has to offer to our faith.

Pray n’ Play Navidad

This Bilingual Christmas Pray n’ Play Pack is in the Baby Devotions Etsy Shop. With ideas specifically geared towards toddlers and preschoolers, Pray n’ Play: Navidad is a simple way to explore the meaning of Christmas without adding overwhelm.


Eden to Bethlehem

Eden to Bethlehem by Catechisis Books is the perfect introduction to the need for Christmas. Talking little ones through the Bible from the fall to the Manger, it uses animals to engage little ones and scripture on each page to teach the the Christmas story.

Good News It’s Christmas

Good News It’s Christmas by Glenys Nellist is a sweet story sharing the night of Christ’s birth. This board book is perfect for the youngest learners, introducing them to the nativity in simple language. A perfect addition to any library.

The Donkey In The Living Room

The Donkey in the Living Room is an Advent devotional that walks little ones through the Christmas story. Reading one page a day, each short devotion is illustrated, and captivating for young listeners. Vale loved reading this, and asked to read multiple pages a day.

Christmas in the Manger

Christmas in the Manger by Nola Buck is such a sweet read for a little one’s first Christmas. This makes it simple to introduce little ones to the Nativity.

Twas the Season of Advent

Twas the Season of Advent is the latest holiday gift from Glenys Nellist, offering daily readings in her beautiful storytelling.

What advent tools have you used with your littles? Comment below!

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