Jeremiah and the Potter

God told Jeremiah to go down to the Potter’s house. There he saw the potter with his clay. The clay had become hard, and cracked in the potter’s hand. So he took it and, worked it with his hands, until it became soft, and molded into something new. In the same way, God said that Israel had became hard, and he would be doing something new. It may not be easy. In fact, it would be very painful, but it would be to make the people’s hearts soft again, so they could be used for God’s glorious purposes.

God wants our hearts to be soft to him. To listen to his voice and be formed into his image. However, we all have hard parts in our hearts, and God, instead of throwing us away, is in the business or making us new. It may feel like being smooshed. It may not always be comfortable. But it is because he loves us, and is making us new for his glory.

Here is how we played through this story.

Jeremiah and the Potter

Today we listened to the song Jeremiah and the Potter by The Donut Man. This song shares the story in a way that is fun for children. We followed it to with Change My Heart, Oh God, also by The Donut Man.

Playdough and Pots

While we listened, I let Vale look at some clay pots that I had. I showed her, and explained to her that she had to be very gentle with them. Then we got our playdough out and made our own “pots.” We talked about how we are like clay and God wants to mold us to be more like him.

Do you have some playdough laying around? Give this devotion a try, and let me know how it goes. Comment below!

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