Jeremiah: A Toddler Devotion on God’s Heart

Jeremiah was a prophet who called called when he was just a child. But God gave him a word for his people, and Jeremiah cared, weeping for his people. He went on to write the book of Jeremiah and Lamentations, calling God’s people back to him, and weeping, because they refused. Like Jeremiah, we can care about what God cares about. And though our children are small, they too can care about God’s plan and purposes.

The story of Jeremiah

There are not a lot of resources for preschoolers on the prophets. And if you have read the prophets, you will understand why. There is a lot of R-rated content. However, Dan and Louie Bible Stories retell the stories for young listeners, giving an age-appropriate takeaway. For this devotion, we listened to “The Weeping Prophet.” I will say that this is still PG, but I do appreciate this Bible-led stories attempt to show God’s heart for justice, and also to fight toxic-masculinity (addressing that it is ok for boys to cry, and every one should feel sad when they see injustice, and things that break God’s heart.

I can care

While we listened, we made a simple hand print craft. I simply painted Vale’s hands in a thin layer of red paint, and we pressed them on to the paper to make a heart shape (pro tip: keep baby wipes near by for easy clean up). Then I wrote “I can care about what God cares about.” While we listened I also helped draw attention that Jeremiah was sad, because God was sad. As we continue to explore the prophets, we will discover some of those things that break God’s heart.

What do you think of God calling Jeremiah when he was just a child? How does this make you pray for your child?

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