Sweeter Than Honey

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King David described God’s word as sweeter than honey. So we explored this verse by playing with honey, bees, and honeycomb!

Psalm 119: 103

First we read the above verse, Psalm 119:103. Then we played with a Bee Sensory Bin. Another verse this activity would work for is Proverbs 16:24.

Bee Bin

The inspiration for this bee bin was from Pre-K Pages. They used this to work on fine motor skills. Check out the original post to see more ideas for using this bin.

What you need:

  • Bees (we made our own with an egg carton, yellow paint, a black Sharpie, and Pipe cleaner. However, you could also use these Bee Erasers from Amazon).
  • Honeycomb Cereal
  • Fake Flowers

Simply pour honey comb into bin. Add bees and flowers. Show your toddler how bees visit flowers to collect pollen, and bring it home to make honey. Let them taste the honeycomb, and remind the of the verse.

Las Abejas

While they played, we sang the following Spanish rhyme to help reinforce their bilingualism,literacy, and counting skills. It also helped reinforce the idea that bees make honey.

How did your little enjoy this activity? Did you adapt it in anyway for your family? Comment Below!

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