Rescued: A Toddler Devotion From Psalm 18:19

The whole basis of the Gospel is that Christ rescued us. So when we read David’s words, that God rescued him, we can be drawn to think of the ultimate rescue, where God sent Jesus Christ to save our souls. In this devotion we explored what it means to be rescued and layed a foundation for the truth of the Gospel.

Psalm 18:19

He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19 (ESV). We read this verse before their activity. We focused on the second half as a verse to memorize, a d I repeated it a few times as they played.

The Rescue

We did a separate activity for Naomi and Vale, though both could be adapted for either age. Both activities were inspired by New Trick Kids

Wall Rescue

For Naomi (6 months-old), I used painters tape and hung toys on the wall for her to “rescue.”

This worked on building upper body strength, which will be important for when she starts crawling.

Container Rescue

For Vale (2 years-old), I placed a bunch of her favorite toys in a baking dish and covered it with plastic wrap. I secured the wrap with painters tape, and poked a few holes in the top with a toothpick.

Vale had to use problem-solving and fine-motor skills to rescue her toys.

Our Savior

While they played and “rescued” their toys we listened to Jesus, Mi Salvador by Generacion 12 Kids as well as Came To My Rescue by Hillsong. Both of these songs focus on Jesus as rescuer or savior. And this verse provides a prime segue to sharing the Gospel with our children.

After Vale had rescued her toys, I told her that that’s how Jesus saves us. When we are in a place we can’t get put of, Jesus saves us. Later we’ll talk about that place being our sin and shame, and that Christ has saved us from having to live apart from God. But for now we’ll keep it simple. She is only 2.

What did your toddler think of this activity? How did you adapt it for your family? Comment Below!

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