Anna: A Toddler Devotion on Knowing Jesus

Anna was a woman who lived and served in the temple. She became a known prophetess. She knew and loved God, so whe she saw the baby Jesus, she knew exactly who he was. We want to have hearts like Anna, so intune with the Holy Spirit, we know Jesus, and can see God’s hand. And we want that for our children. It starts with praying that for our children, and seeking relationship with God for ourselves. Then we can introduce our littles to Jesus. This is how we played through this story.

The Story of Anna

We read the story of Anna in our baby Bible. This is where baby Jesus was presented in the temple, and Anna knew would be the savior of the world. The pages really captivated Vale, because they have a baby (Jesus), and we are all about the babies right now.

Jesus is the Savior

After we read the story, we had a toddler dance party, and listened to songs that talk about Jesus being the savior. We strive to listen to mostly Spanish music in our home, so we love Jesus, Mi Salvador by Generacion 12 Kids. However, Jesus Is My Superhero (Spanish: Jesus Es Mi Superhero) by Hillsong Jr. Is a great English option.

What ways have you introduced Jesus as Savior to your littles? Comment below.

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