Preschool Volunteer Opportunities

We all want to teach our kids to do good, and volunteering can be a great way to get them involved and show them how to give back to the community. Here are 5 ways that even preschoolers can volunteer.

Collect donations for your local food shelf

When you’re at the grocery story, grab specific items you can donate to your local food shelf. Or go knock on your friends’ doors and ask for donations (maybe let them know you’re coming first so they’re prepared).

Fill a backpack

As school kicks into gear, everyone is buying school supplies. However, this is a necessary expense not all families can afford. Also, when children come without the necessary supplies, that expense then falls on the teachers. Help provide school supplies by filling a back pack and donating to a nonprofit. A Precious Child has a program that may work for your family, otherwise contact your local school or local nonprofits to see if there is a need.

Make toiletry bags for your homeless shelter or social service agency

Help provide necessaties for people as they get back up on their feet. Toiletry bags are a simple, tangible way to reach out. Portland Rescue Mission has a great list of what to put in these bags.  Also, I suggest contacting your local shelter or social service agency to see if this is a need. Often times it is suggested to keep bags like this in our car to hand out, but this can often remove dignity from the person we are wanting to help.

Deliver cookies or baked goods to neighbors

In our culture nowadays it is rare to see our neighbors, and our sense of community had simply changed. Reach out to your neighbors and bring them some baked goods. Or if you know of someone in your church that has a hard time getting out and about, bring them some cookies. They may be thankful for the company. Along these lines, you could even look at volunteering with Meals on Wheels.

Visit your local nursing home

There are so many benefits to visiting a nursing home with your children. Children need to learn to respect and care for elders in there life. And did you know that being around children helps stave off loneliness in the elderly, and prevents ageism. Senior Advisor has more information on the benefits of children visiting nursing homes. Most nursing homes have events for the elderly. See if there is a way you and your children could come visit or volunteer, even better is if you become regular visitors.

Have you ever volunteered with your littles? What did you do? Comment below!

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