Waterplay Devotions For Babies and Toddlers

Summer time brings the heat with it, and we need to keep our littles cool. What better way than with waterplay. Here are 6 baby devotions that incorporate waterplay:

1. Creation

God made the water. Fill a tub with water and explore this creation.

2. Noah’s Ark

Get those toy boats out (or make one with a milk jug) and load some toy animals onto the ark.

3. Rebekah

Let your little practice their water pouring skills as they pour water for 10 camels (just like Rebekah).

4. Moses

Moses floated in a basket on the Nile. Do some science and see what objects sink or float.

5. David and Goliah

David chose 5 smooth stone. Go find some rocks and wash them in a bin.

6. Jonah

Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Get your fish toys out and play in the water.

7. The 12 Disciples

A lot of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen. Put toy fish in a tub of water and have your child try to catch them with a net or mesh strainer.

8. The Parable of the Two Builders

Make a sand section and a water section in a bin. Add a few rocks, and let your child explore the elements.

What other stories can you think of to use waterplay? Comment below.

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