6 Waterplay Devotions

Summer time brings the heat with it, and we need to keep our littles cool. What better way than with waterplay. Here are 6 baby devotions that incorporate waterplay:

1. Creation

God made the water. Fill a tub with water and explore this creation.

2. Noah’s Ark

Get those toy boats out (or make one with a milk jug) and load some toy animals onto the ark.

3. Moses

Moses floated in a basket on the Nile. Do some science and see what objects sink or float.

4. David and Goliah

David chose 5 smooth stone. Go find some rocks and wash them in a bin.

5. Jonah

Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Get your fish toys out and play in the water.

6. The 12 Disciples

A lot of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen. Put toy fish in a tub of water and have your child try to catch them with a net or mesh strainer.

7. The Parable of the Two Builders

Make a sand section and a water section in a bin. Add a few rocks, and let your child explore the elements.

What other stories can you think of to use waterplay? Comment below.

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