World Love Week: Austrailia

My toddler currently has a a slight obsession with Australia, so clearly we had to focus on Australia for our World Love Week. This week we explored this beautiful country by meeting animals, listening to podcasts, Celebrating Christmas in July, and more.

Australia Bin

As an Invitation to Play this week, I made an Austrailia Bin. I had picked up an animal flashcard pack from the Target Dollar Section, as well as a world landmark packe. I added the Austrailian animals and landmarks from each pack. I also threw in the felt animals from our map I got at the Target Dollar Spot. Then I added her Lil’ Woodzeez Koalas. I filled out the bin with our “God’s Dream” book and our Cantiflas baby atlas (which has a page about Australia).

Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread is a treat typically served at children’s birthdays, and seems to be considered a childhood classic. It’s so simple your toddler can probably help make it. Buy cheap white sandwhich bread (Bimbo, Wonder, etc.) Butter it, and finish with sprinkles.

Classic Kids Podcast

Quokka: “The Happiest Animal on Earth”

We love podcasts around here, so when I found the Classic Kids: Sounds Like Australia podcast, I couldn’t be more excited. This series is in partnership with the Sydney Opera House and takes kiddos on a journey around Austrailia with an adventurous quokka named Kirra. Kiddos learn about Australia’s ecosystems, animals, Aboriginal worlds, and classical music. All of the episodes are available for download and they go with us everywhere. We probably listen to the whole series about once a day!


This week we headed to our local library and found some books from and about Austrailia.

Joey Counts to Ten is a book that teaches littles how to count by taking them on an adventure around Austrailia.

Wombats has wonderful photos and simple phrases to keep the attention of the youngest learners, while teaching them about this Austrailian animal.

Es Hora de Dormir/Time for Bed is a sweet bedtime book by Mem Fox, an Australian author.

I also purchase Big Rain Coming this beautiful book brings the Outback to life as everyone waits for the Big Rain Old Stephen says will come.

Kangaroos at the Zoo

We visited Kangaroos at the Minnesota Zoo! You can walk around their habitat, on a dirt path, and get real close. You can even pay a small fee to feed them. Vale was so excited, and could not stop talking about seeing some animals from Austrailia.

Christmas in July

One of the most fun things we did this week was celebrating Christmas in July. We played with our felt Christmas tree, listened to Christmas music, made Christmas cookies, and delivered them to our friends, and, of course, read the Christmas Story. In Australia, Christmas in July is celebrated to capture some of the winter festivities that are missed during December (December is beach weather in Australia). So we had our own little Christmas in July party.


Finally, we prayed for Australia. Vale’s prayers are super simple, thanking Jesus for the kangaroos, quokkas, and wombats. However some bigger things us parents and older children can pray for is:

  • Pray for the people of Australia to know the love of Christ.
  • Pray for reconciliation between the Aboriginal people, and ancestors of white settlers, as there has been a history of racism and discrimination against the native Australian people.
  • Pray for the children of Austrailia that they would grow up to know the Gospel and to change the world for the better.

What did you think of this weeks activities? Comment Below!

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