Noah’s Ark Sensory

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Waterplay and Noah’s Ark just seem like a natural fit. Everytime we read Noah’s ark we follow up with waterplay. This time with changed it up by adding Rainbow Tapioca Pearls (like the ones you enjoy in Bubble Tea).

What You Need:

Make the tapioca according to package directions. Place in play tray. Mix food coloring with water. Add to play tray. Finally add animals and play!

Play Ideas: 4-9 months

  • Let baby splash and explore
  • Describe texture, colors, sounds
  • Name the animals as your baby pulls them out of the water.
  • Name the animal sounds.

Play Ideas 9-18 months

  • Everything from 4-9
  • Point to an animal and see if your child can make its sound (i.e. find the elephant “what sound does an animal make?” Help your child remember if needed).
  • Name a color and see if your child can find it (i.e. “can you find an orange bead?” Then help them find it).

Play Ideas: 18 months+

  • Everything from 4-9 months and 9-18 months
  • Point to a color and see if your child can name it.
  • Encourage your child to sort the colors
  • Point to an animal and see if your child can name it.
  • Help your child count the animals
  • Help your child count the colored beads.


*Remember to always supervise babies and toddlers around water. Accidents do happen!

**Tapioca Pearls can be a choking hazard. Supervise your children, and if your child has mastered picking up small objects, but is still putting things in their mouth, maybe save this activity for later. I felt confident letting my 5 month play with them, because she has no pincher grasp and is still on the struggle bus to pick up smaller objects. My toddler had mastered eating squishy-small objects, but normally doesn’t put sensory objects in her mouth anymore. So know your child’s development and supervise.

For more ideas to introduce Noah’s Ark to your littles, check out: Noah’s Ark: A Toddler Devotion on God’s Promises

Let me know how this activity works for your family! What ways have you mixed up your water play? Comment Below!

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