God Is Our Heavenly Father

Father’s Day is coming up next Sunday! God is our Heavenly Father, so this holiday created a great opportunity to explore the idea that God cares for us like a father. Here is how we are celebrating.

Read: The Sermon on the Mount

This week we revisited some of the activities from our Sermon on the Mount Devo: He Cares for You. God is our Heavenly Father and he cares for his children. So we revisited the story and sensory activities from this week.

P is for Papí

Similar to Mother’s Day, I decided to seize the opportunity to sneak in some letter learning, because “P” is for Papí! I made a phonics bowl with things that start with the “P” sound (puercos, pigs, pom poms, papas, pizza, princess, princesa).

Papí’s Monsters

We made some cute little monsters, similar to the flowers we made during Mother’s Day. We just love foot/finger stamping. It’s such an easy activity that both babies can do, and it makes a sweet keepsake.


For snack this week, we ate cheesecake. This is my husband’s favorite dessert, and he said he wanted cheesecake for Father’s Day. We were going to make one, but he said he wanted a good one, and I have a long track record of ruining cheesecakes. So, since I love my husband, we just bought one.


This week we watched The Penniless Princess, a Veggie Tales episode talking about how we are God’s children, and he cares for us.

We also watched Daniel Tiger “Love Day” (season 5, episode 8), because it talks about different ways we can show others we love them.

Finally, we listened to Song #6 by With Harp and Lyre, because it talks about how we are God’s children, and he cares for us.

How is your family celebrating Father’s Day?

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