Hannah: A Mother’s Day Devotion for Toddlers

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The story of Hannah is such a beautiful portrait of motherhood. This is a story of a woman who prayed for years and years for a baby. She wailed in the temple until the priest thought she was drunk. Then, she dedicated her son to be used of God. And God turned that little boy into his prophet. But it all started with a praying Mama.

Just like you. Just like me.

So as we celebrated Mother’s Day we talked about Hannah.

Read: The Story of Hannah

This week we read the story of Hannah every day, focusing that she was a Mama that prayed to God for a Baby. We also listened to the Dan and Louie story “The Birth of Samuel,” that tells the story of Hannah.

Baby Doll Play

We played with baby dolls this week. Pretend play gives the littles a chance to try on new skills and vocabulary. Plus it’s just fun to pretend to be a mama.

Skills: M for Mama

It has been a struggle for me to figure out how to introduce the alphabet. Being a bilingual family, not all of the words start with the same letter in both Spanish and English. But “Mama” is spelled the same in both languages. So this week we introduced “M” is for “Mama.” And we played with our alphabet Monster (another word that starts with “M” in both languages) we’d already introduced the letters in her name, so we just added “M” to the mix. Our alphabet monster is an old milk jug I cut a mouth into and drew eyes on. Then I collected a bunch of milk caps and drew letters on them. We have Vale find all the “M”s and feed them to the monster. Then the “A”s, etc.

She loves it, and asks to play about once a day.

Mother’s Day Craft

So I am there mom, so I’m not about to make them make a craft for me. I thought that’d be a little weird. But we do have Grandmas and a great-grandma, so we made some art for them. This is similar to our craft for He Cares for You, but we made flowers instead of birds.


This week we watched Daniel Tiger ,”I Love You, Mom” (Season 1, Episode 8). In this episode they make banana bread for Daniel’s mom, because “making something is one way to say I love you.”

We also read Are You My Mother? By P.D. Eastman. Little baby loves this book, because of the contrast on each page. And our toddler loves it, because of all the animals. I chose it for this week, because it’s about a little baby bird finding his Mama.

Finally, we listened to Mamí Mamí by Biper y Sus Amigos, because it’s a Spanish kids song about moms.

How is your family celebrating mother’s day? Comment below!

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