Toddler Devotions for on the Go

Summer is a time of adventuring and fun. But just because we are on the go, doesnt mean that we have to leave our devotions at home. When we took a trip to San Antonio this summer, I knew that we would be going to Sea World, so in anticipation of the trip, we read the story of Jonah, because there’s a big fish in that story, and we were about to see a big fish. This made the story relateable, and made Jonah a talking point on our trip. Maybe your family is going on an adventure where you could make scripture a talking point. Exploring the Bible doesnt have to be all reading and activities. Sometimes it’s looking for opportunities to show our children the Bible. Here are some ideas of places to go this summer, and stories to go with them. Read the story in the morning, and while you’re on your adventure just slip the story in to conversation (i.e. At Seaworld: “It’s a whale, like in the story of Jonah).


Creation: Talk about how God made the animals.

Noah’s Ark: Talk about how Noah loaded all the animals on the ark.

Daniel and the Lions Den: Visit the lions, and reference back to how Daniel spent the night with lions.


Creation: Talk about how God made the fish.

Jonah:Reference back to the fish that swallowed Jonah.


Creation: God made the trees, he made the birds, he made nature.

He Cares for You: All of those trees, birds, and flowers, are cared for by Go, and he cares about you more than all of those.

Abraham, the Father of Many: Toddlers rarely get the opportunity to just stare up at the night sky. Let them see the stars, and talk about God’s promise to Abraham.

The Farm:

Creation: God made the Animals.

The Good Shepherd: Maybe your farm has sheep. Talk about the good shepherd.

The Sower: Are there vegetables and fruit growing on the farm, talk about the good sower, and how seeds grow.

The Lake/ Fishing:

Creation: God made the water, he made the fish.

The 12 Disciples: Jesus called fishermen, and said “I will make you fishers of men.”

The Wise and Foolish Builders: Explore the sand and water. What happens to sand when water hits it? What about rocks?

Jesus Walking on the Water: Talk about how Jesus once walked on a lake.

What are your summer plans? Is there a story you could fit into your adventure?

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