Pray n’ Play: Korea

Learning about and praying for the global church is something we are passionate about over here.

When we choose to learn about how Jesus is celebrated in other parts of the world, we open our eyes to an understanding that our faith does not look just one way. It also helps us open our minds to an even bigger God.

As we’ve done our Praying for the Church series, something people consistently say is that they want to join in, but it looks like so much work. So I’ve started a tiny free resource: Pray n’ Play the Global Church. It’s a print-and-go resource full of facts, tiny biographies of Christians from that country, and hands on activities for more learning.

It’s been a minute since we Prayed for Korea with toddlers. So I thought I’d be the perfect time to revisit with this new resourced.

Download here:

Pray n’ Play: The Global Church: Korea

What’s Included

Again, this is a print-and-go resource. So it’s made to be handed to littles. I love rounding up resources and posting them here on the blog. But blogs aren’t super toddler-friendly. And it can get cumbersome searching through links while trying to meaningfully connect with your little. So this is to cut down on the chaos. Inside the Korea issue, you will find:

  • Facts about Christianity in Korea.
  • Tiny biographies of Kim Gang and Sam Tock Chun, two amazing women largely responsible for the spread of Christianity in Korea.
  • Tiny biography of New Testament Scholar and theologian Ahn Byung-Mu.
  • Korean language exposure with a qr code linking to learn how to count in Korean.
  • Qr code linking to listen to Brian Kim’s spotify. Brian Kim is a Korean American worship artist.
  • Book recommendations
  • Links to an Easy Kimbap recipe.
  • Plus a little prayer guide and activity for praying with littles.

Come pray n’ play with us!

Download here:

Pray n’ Play: The Global Church: Korea

2 thoughts on “Pray n’ Play: Korea

  1. Your creativity is explosive! It is unlimited! Tapping into these resources is worth it!


    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement.


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