Pray n’ Play: Mexico

Something we are so passionate about over here is praying for the Global Church. When we pray for and learn about our brothers and sisters in Christ from other parts of the world, it opens our eyes to the fact the our faith is not uniform. Celebrating Jesus does not look just one way. And even more, it gives us a greater understanding of God’s love.

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Pray n’ Play Mexico

Ora y Juega: México

It’s been a minute since we did our little World Love Week: Mexico series (mind you, in our bicultural/bilingual home, every week is Mexico week). But here in this space, it felt like a good time to revisit it. And we’re doing so with the launch of a new resource!

‘Pray n’ Play: the Global Church.’

These tiny books will be free here on the blog. I love rounding up resources for these prayer times and posting them here. But let’s be real, blogs aren’t preschooler friendly. And would’ it be just so much easier to have something ready and set that we can hand them!

Well here it is! Pray n’ Play: The Global Church is an easy print-and-go resource for families of young children to learn about and pray for the global church.

Each installment features:

  • Simple statistics about Christianity in each country.
  • Tiny biographies of Christians we can admire from those countries.
  • Culture and language games
  • And prayer guides and activities.
  • Oh and they include qr codes! Something that has always been my goal in our Global Church series is to connect you with different Christian voices to listen and learn from. I am not an expert, but I know there are people who are, so I link to them. That sounds great, but not super toddler friendly. So this resource contains qr codes to Spotify playlists by musicians. Craft tutorials from people whose culture we are learning about! Basically, the same thing as what you find in our World Love Wednesdays posts, but in a booklet form you can hand to your early reader and enjoy together.

Also, a real joy, I am planning to make as many of these in Spanish as possible (depends on the resources I find en Español). As always, I am not a native Spanish speaker, but my kids are. Please have grace with me. Mi Español es una poca chueca. But I do know how important it is to have these in Spanish. There are resources for Praying for the Global Church in English. There are ones that will teach kids about notable Christians from history. But it is a lot harder to find these resources in Español. And this is something I want for my kids. I won’t ever claim to be the best person for that job, but it’s important that they have something. So here we are. All that being said, if you find a typo, or something that should be worded differently, let me know! Let’s work together to make a better resource for everyone.

Pray n’ Play: Mexico

This first editions is all about Mexico. It blends the desire I have to teach my own littles about their Mexican heritage, and people of faith they can admire, while also sharing about the Mexican Church with all of you.

In this Edition you will find:

  • Simple statistics in Easy Reader format, perfect for young readers.
  • Lots of Photos!
  • Tiny biographies of José Maria de Yermo y Parres, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, and Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez (aka Fray Tormenta).
  • A preschool friendly recipe
  • A QR code linking to Freeze Dance in Spanish! So it’s easy to access on the go.
  • A QR code linking to Jesús Adrián Romero’s Spotify Page, so you can easily give a listen to a Mexican worship leader.
  • A list of childrens books to look for at your local library by Mexican authors!
  • A prayer guide and a qr code linking to kid-friendly papel picado tutorial (also Spanish tutorial in the Spanish verison) so that little hands can craft as they pray.

Come Pray n’ Play with us! Download below!

Pray n’ Play: Mexico

Ora y Juega: México

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