Faith-Based Resources for Talking to Kids about Race

Let’s talk about race. The more I have learned about the issues of race and racism from a faith perspective, the more I’ve become convinced that we as Christians need to have these hard conversations and do better in discipling our children in regards to these issues.

It has been a long journey for me to get to this point, and if you are reading this, I am assuming you’re somewhere on this journey too. So let’s be on this journey together. I wanted to share some faith-based resources that have found really helpful as a white mama trying to do better and raise anti-racist kids.


The Gospel in Color

This resource and the parent companion are designed to help parents and their children engage in thoughtful conversations around race and racism. They draw from a Biblical perspective, pointing to the Gospel, and guiding families in the theology of reconciliation.

Creative God, Colorful Us by Trillia Newbell

Trillia Newbell is an amazing author, and her book God’s Very Good Idea is popular in Christian parenting circles. Her latest book, Creative God, Colorful Us was written for grade schoolers and their families to explore the beauty in our differences, and deeper understanding of the diversity in the Kingdom of God.

The Race-Wise Family by Michelle Reyes and Helen Lee

This is a fantastic book for parents who know we have to start with our families. It gently leads parents in understanding the roots of racism, and offers guidance in how to address racism with-in their own families and raise kids who have a better understanding of God’s Kingdom.

Be the Bridge

Be the Bridge is a resource that has made a huge impact on my personal journey in understanding racial justice and reconciliation, as well as the importance of the church leading the way towards healing racism. They not only have resources for adults on our own journey, but resources to help us parents do better and raise our children to so better.

Talking To Kids About Race (part 1) and Talking To Kids About Race (part 2): This two-part webinar is designed to guide white families in talking about race. In my limited experience, this can be a hard and nuanced conversation for us white parent to have with our littles. However, it is so so important that we do better in discipling our littles on issues of race. This webinar can be a helpful tool in knowing where to start.

Trans-racial Adoption Bundle: This resource can be really helpful for those who are parents in a trans-racial adoption and those considering trans-racial adoption. There can be a lot to navigate in adoption situations, and this guide can be helpful for parents to be more aware of the issues their children are facing, and in the end be better parents.

Homeschool Resources

Woke Homeschooling

If you are a homeschool parent or considering homeschooling I highly recommend this history curriculum. The ‘Oh Freedom!’ curriculum was designed by a mom that wanted to give her kids a better perspective of American History, including the history of African Americans, Native Americans, and immigrants.

Pocast Episodes

These podcast episodes are ones that have been very influential in my own journey. They are from podcasts that are pretty popular in the Christian mom world. You may even already listen to them. I hope these episodes can bring insights into the issues of race at hand, and encourage us to parent better.

What resources would you add? Comment below.

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