The Easter Fix: Book Review

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Easter is coming! And with that there are so many new books hitting the shelves to fill little Easter Baskets. And I am just tickled to share some of my favorites with you over these next few weeks.

One of these new favorites is ‘The Easter Fix’ by Steph Williams. This clever retelling will of the Easter story will not only show littles what happened on Easter, but why!

What is it?

The Easter Fix is a fairly short, and simple book, but carries a powerful message. Jesus came to fix all things. If we look around we can see that we live in a broken world. People fight. We get sick. We are sometimes sad. But Jesus came to fix all that. He healed the sick. He cared for the broken hearted. He sided with the oppressed. Well…and people didn’t like how he was fixing things, so they put him on the cross. Little did they know that would be the ultimate fix. Because he would rise again, to fix fallen humanity.

What I Love

I really love the simplicity of Steph Williams’ books. They are short (also making them inexpensive), but carry a lot of theological truth. Littles learn what actually happened at Easter: Jesus died and rose again. But they see that Jesus chose to die for us. He knew it would ‘fix’ our sin. And the way he lived shows us how we can live to bring the kingdom of God to earth.

What The Littles Love

The clever writing and simplicity really captures the attention of my little ones. These books are short, which means that my 2 year-old will sit through it. But they are profound enough that they leave my 4 year-old explaining why Jesus chose to die on the cross at the dinner table.

Click here to purchase your copy of ‘The Easter Fix’

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