‘Little Mole’s Christmas Gift’: A Guide For Littles On How To Love Others Well

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I love books that teach littles important lessons in a subtle, relateable way. And that is exactly what I have found in ‘Little Mole’s Christmas Gift’ by Glenys Nellist.

Journey with Little Mole as he drags a BIG mushroom home as a present for his mama. On the way, he runs into a variety of friends each needing some of his mushroom. Will he have any left for his mama?

What I Liked

I love that Little Mole is so relateable. Not only is he cute. But what toddler can’t relate to picking up some piece of nature to bring home to their mama. Friends, I have a HUGE collection of rocks because of this. Haha.

And all of Little Mole’s friends are just adorable, with real needs that Little Mole can practically help solve. We see his inner struggle, wanting to help, but also wanting to keep his mushroom for his mama. In the end he meets the needs of his friends. But he’s worried about how small the gift for his mama is.

In the end we see a beautiful message. Spoiler alert: his mama isn’t mad, but blessed!

Little Mole saw his friends in need and helped them! And that show of character was the best present a mama could ask for.

This beautiful Christmas book comes from faith-filled author Glenys Nellist. However, unlike most of her books the Little Mole series never mentions God or Jesus. This may be a turn-off for some Christian families, but I am ok with it. Here’s why. I think it’s practical. The Little Mole books show littles how to practice their faith in the everyday. Little Mole Finds Hope tackled the serious issue of grief and depression, by practically showing littles where to spot hope. And hope ultimately is from God, but practically where can we see him working?

Similarly, Little Mole’s Christmas Gift shows littles how they can practically love like Jesus. To feed the hungry, comfort the oppressed, clothe the naked. What better way is there to keep Christ as the center of Christmas?

What My Littles Love

As always, they love the illustrations. They have a whimsical vintage feel. And it’s just perfect for those that love a little nostalgia in their holidays. They also loved the Christmas decorations in Little Mole’s house! So much so that they created their own bookish play and crafted a paper chain that looks like the one in Little Mole’s house!

If crafting is not your jam though, don’t worry, Beaming Books has a Little Mole’s Christmas Activity Pack perfect for simple, printable bookish play.

Click Here to Purchase Your Copy of ‘Little Mole’s Christmas Gift’ by Glenys Nellist

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