Toddler Devotion on Ecclesiastes

‘There is a season for everything…’ starts Ecclesiastes 3:1.

David Guzik notes in his commentary on Ecclesiastes that this chapter highlights that things change. One day may be different from the next. Nothing in our human lives is permanent. But God. ‘God’s actions are permanent, complete, and secure.

And as the seasons change from the warmth green of summer, to the brisk orange hues of fall…may we meditate with our littles. Things change, but God is faithful.

Seasons and Science

Fall is the perfect time to explore seasons with littles. They can see the leaves changing. The air feels crisper. They can hear the crunch of leaves below their feet. Plus, there are so many things we do in fall that don’t happen any other time of year. From harvest festivals, to apple orchards, there are so many events that help us mark this time of year. We can help our littles learn the science of the season by simply tuning their observation skills to the change all around. Here are some of the fun ways we’re playing with the seasons:

Fall treasure hunt:

Head outside and look for leaves! Look at all the colors that weren’t there just a few weeks ago. You may also find some fallen acorns. Maybe some spider webs. If you need a guide, take along ourprintable fall scavenger hunt:

Download Fall Scavenger Hunt in English

Download Fall Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

Leaf Color Hunt:

Using washable markers, color the bottom of a muffin tin with fall colors (red, yellow, orange, brown, etc). Go out and collect leaves with those colors.

Fall Sensory Bin:

Bring all of your treasures home and put them in a sensory bin! Add a magnifying glass, tweezers, or other tools to help your little explore.

Leaf Craft:

Use your leaves to make a seasonal craft. We were inspired by Little Pine Learners to decorate a pumpkin with our leaf treasures.

We also love making leaf rubbings, banners, and hedgehogs.

H es para hoja

Finally we are learning that ‘H es para Hoja’ and also for ‘Hay un tiempo señalado para todo…’ -Eclesiastés 3:1. All us bilingual families. This can be a great verse to celebrate the season. As embrace the change that comes with the season, may we remember that God is faithful.

What are your favorite fall activities with littles? Comment Below!

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