How to Conquer Toddler Fears

Every toddler struggles with fear at one point or another. Whether it’s Halloween season, and spooky is all around, or it’s night time and shadows lurk on the walls. It’s so hard to watch them wrestle with their fears. There’s often screams. Sometimes tears. So what do we do? How can we help our littles over come fear? Here are the Biblically-based coping skills that have worked for our family. Tools to fill your little with the Word of God and stomp-out fear.

Breath Prayers

I have fallen in love with breath prayers this past year. It is a simple form of prayer, helping to meditate on scripture and God’s truth while inhaling…and exhaling. They can also form as a wonderful coping skill for littles (and adults) struggling with fear. Help them breathe in God’s word….and blow that fear away. I wrote up a set of 3 breath prayers for toddlers and made some printable cards, making it easy to practice these Biblical medications with your little.

Download Breath Prayers in English

Download Breath Prayers in Spanish

Scripture Songs

Another fun way to combat fear is through song! Through the month of Halloween, stores here in the United States can get a little creepy. Between skeletons around the corner, and electronic howling ghosts….well let’s just say it’s spooky. My toddlers had meltdowns everytime we had to go to Target last year! My eldest even went over and kicked one of the inflatable ghosts she was so worked up.

So in an effort to beat that fear (and avoid destroying property), we’ve taught our littles to sing Adios al Temor by Yancy when we reach a scary part in the store. Now, along with the howls of ghosts, and electronic screams Target is filled with tiny voices singing ‘Adiós al temor, Dios esta conmigo…)

Some other fear-fighting songs we love:

En el Dia que Temo by Steve Green

Bye, bye, bye-by Yancy

When I am Afraid– by Steve Green

Do Not Fear-Seeds Family Worship

Other Resources

Of course, we love any tools that help fill little ones with the truth that God is greater than their fear. Anyway to speak this truth to our littls is a win. Some resources we love are:

I’m not a Scaredy Cat by Max Lucado

This is a funny little story about a cat who has a lot of fears. But he has a sweet prayer that helps him overcome his fears, and will help your littles too!

Quinn’s Promise Rock by Christie Thomas

We love little Quinn and all her adventures. This is a lovely story for littles struggling with anxiety.

God is Always Good by Tama Fortner

A book declaring God is good, and he cared for us. A gift for littles dealing with fear or grief.

Where’s God When I’m Scared by Veggie Tales

90’s church kids will remember this classic. Join Jr. Asparagus as he learns ‘God is bigger than the boogeyman.

What tools have helped your little navigate fear? Comment below!

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