Review of: ‘Grandma Snuggles’ by Glenys Nellist

Any one have a grandma that you love? Grandmas a a special gift from God, and ‘Grandma Snuggles’ by Glenys Nellist is a sweet tribute to everything we love about our Grandmas.

What I Loved

This is just a really cute book. Filled with furry animal friends, and celebrating Grandmas with prayers of thanksgiving. From little pandas snuggling with their grandma in a tree, to little mice running with their grandma through a flower field. God made all grandmas as a blessing. This book would make a lovely gift from a grandma who wants to share her love with her grandkids that live near or far.

What My Littles Loved

My kids, of course, loved the little furry animals. Really, Gail Yerrill just did a fantastic job on the illustrations for this book. Its so fun to see the imagination of woodland animals playing with their grandmas. They especially loved the end page, seeing a human child bake cookies with their grandma. We love to bake with put grandma, so this page felt really relateable.

A Sweet Gift

This book ends with James 1:17:

“Every good and perfect gift is from God.”

And Grandmas are definitely one of those gifts. And this book would make a sweet gift of any little one who loves their grandma.

Click here to get your copy of ‘Grandma Snuggles’ by Glenys Nellist

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