I Can Love My Neighbor…..From Afar

How is everyone else holding up in this season of social distancing? Over here life has slowed down. We’re relying more on activities, and extra screen time. But it can’t be denied that my 3 year-old extrovert is missing her friends. So we’ve come up with a few ways she can stay connected with others while still social distancing.

Vale has loved sneaking over to friends’ houses to color on their sidewalks, and then hear from later in the day. Calling Grandma everyday through Facetime has helped us all feel a little bit connected. And she’s loved watching others enjoy the hopscotch outside our apartment.

At the bottom of the page, you can download a printable prompt sheet to help your littles find ways to love those around them. What activities would you add to the list? What creative ways are you staying connected with loved ones while we can’t physically be together?

Download ‘I can love my neighbor…from afar’ Printable Prompt Page

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