Review of: Why God? By Dan DeWitt

Anyone else have a kiddo who asks ALL the questions? This book is perfect for answering one of the biggest questions: why do we believe in God. Dan DeWitt is an expert in apologetics and has made this wonderful tool to help young readers understand why we believe what we believe.

What is It?

Why God? Is the story of Thomas, who loves to ask BIG questions. Today he ask his sister, Hope, “Why do we believe in God.” Hope has no idea, but later their mom seizes the opportunity to show them why we not only believe in God, but can trust him with our lives. She explains that God made the world perfectly, but now it’s broken. However, God is good and in the work of healing the world.

Beautiful Explanations

I love the simplicity of the book. It took a deep subject and put it beautifully for children (and adults) to understand. It talks about how God made a beautiful world. He designed it perfectly. If we were any farther from the sun, we would freeze. Any closer? And we would burn up. However the world is broken now. That’s why bad things happen sometimes. Fires and floods. Friends fighting. This is all the result of a broken world. However, God is in the work of healing the world, and has put reminders of his goodness in our everyday! We can see his goodness in nature, in our favorite breakfast, and the happiness of birthday parties. We can be reminded of his goodness, even in a hurting world.

We also love the illustrations. They are colorful, vibrant, and really capture the imagination. My preschooler especially loved seeing Thomas and Hope’s dog tagging-along on their adventures.

Conversation Starter

This story is a great conversation-starter for children that have started asking questions about our faith. It puts simply, but profoundly, the truth of the Gospel. The world is broken, but we can trust in God’s goodness. We see evidence of his goodness all around us, and we can trust him.

Age Recommendation: 5-10

Has your little one started asking BIG questions? What are some of the questions they ask? Comment below!

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