Somalia for Preschoolers

This month we will be learning about and praying for the country of Somalia. The Twin Cities is home to a large Somali community. So learning about Somali is a way we can love our neighbors next door and around the world.

Somali Books

We picked up this book from our local library. Somalia from the Countries We Come From series is a beautiful book that shows bits of history, culture, and fun facts about Somalia. The text is short and photos bright, making this a perfect book for small children.

We also checked out the Somali Bilingual Book Project. In an effort to preserve abd promote the Somali language, the Minnesota Humanities Center worked together with the Somali community of Minnesota to creat a collection of traditional Somali folktales in both Somali and English. The e-books are available for free on their websites as well as links to purchase hard copies of the books.


Sambusas are a traditional (and delicious) Somali hand pie. Hoyo Sambusas is a Somali-owned company in Minnesota with the purpose of creating jobs for Somali women. Cool, right? So I had to pick up a pack. We all loved them, and will definitely be making these a regular treat around here.


We listened to music in the Somali language. Somali Bible Believers has a small list of Christian songs in the Somali language. It is so important to expose children to languagea other than their own. It’s good for brain development and can also help grow empathy and respect.

Somali Flag

We made a simple Somali flag to remind us to pray for the country of Somalia and our Somali neighbors. This was super simple. We glued a white star to a blue piece of paper.

Prayer Needs

-During this month, we will be praying for the Christian Somali Church. Somali Christians have faced quite a bit of persecution. And although Somalia is the home of the Mogadishu Cathedral, it is not used for services. There are no formal church gatherings, and Christian communities must meet in secret.

You can learn more about the prayer needs at Somalis for Jesus.

-We also pray for protection for our Muslim Somali neighbors. Ramadan is May 5-June 4th, and the Somali community is largely Muslim. We pray for protection and peace as our neighbors gather.

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