Egypt for Toddlers

Welcome to World Love Wednesday, where we set aside a time to pray for our neighbors across the street and around the world. We simply want to pray that God would show his love to those around us, and teach us how to love others. As apart of this intention, we have been learning about and praying for a new country every month. For the month of April we will be learning about the country of Egypt!

Egypt is a country in Northern Africa, and is considered apart of the Middle East. This month, we will be highlighting websites and activities to help introduce your little ones to this beautiful culture.

Egyptian Food

We are lucky enough to have an Egyptian restaurant in our neighborhood. Aida is a quaint restaurant with a cozy atmosphere. The staff are always friendly and helpful. And I have never ordered anything I haven’t liked. Shawarma, falafel, hummus…their food is delicious. Vale’s favorite is their Chicken Lolipop from the kid’s menu. And Naomi loves the falafel.

Arabic Lesson

The official language of Egypt is Arabic. So we are learning how to say “Hello” in this beautiful language.

Marhabaan: Hello

Let’s Explore Egypt

By Elle Parks

This book features photography from around Egypt, with short captions of what the reader is seeing. Both of my girls have loved flipping through the pages and getting a glimpse of what Egypt looks like.

Pyramid Craft

Finally, we made a pyramid postcard to remind ourselves to pray for Egypt. We got some pretty junk mail in the mail, so instead of just throwing it away, I cut out a triangle. I then had Vale pain the background. The idea was for her to pain a blue sky and yellow desert, but she took some creative liberties. We then glued the pyramid to our postcard and hung it in our prayer corner.

How to Pray

As mentioned, we are praying for Egypt this month. Our prayers are simple. We pray that the people of Egypt would know the love of God. We pray that they would be blessed, and we would learn how to love our Egyptian neighbors well.

For us adults, we can pray for the Coptic Church church in Egypt as they face persecution. My the Lord provide protection and peace.

How have you learned about Egypt with your little ones? Comment below!

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