A Spiritual Heritage Jar: What Is It And How To Build One.

When I was at college, I took a class with a Children’s Ministry Professor, and one of our assignments was to build a “Spiritual Heritage Jar.” Each of us took a big jar, and placed symbols of our spiritual journey in the jar. It serves as a tool to start conversations (especially with young children) about our faith walks. I just made one for our family, and my littles love to see what’s inside. It also provides an avenue where I can share the story behind each item. How God provided. And the best part? We can trust God will continue to provide. And when he does, we will add to the jar, and they will learn to see where God is in their own lives.

How to build one

What you need:

  • A Large Jar (I purchased mine at Target, but I have seen similar jars at Hobby Lobby. My professor used an old Cheese Puffs Container).
  • Momentos from your faith journey.

Just fill the Jar with your momentos. Even let your little help you, and you can talk about the items as you fill the jar.

Example of what I included:

  1. A New Testament: I recieved this at my baby dedication, and included it to symbolize that the faith journey I’m passing down started with my parents.
  2. Wooden Stamp: I included a wooden stamp I brought back from India. God spoke a lot to me on that trip, and when I returned, I made a commitment just to walk with him day by day. If I had not gone on that trip, I probably never would have met my husband, and had the life we live today.
  3. Orange Pig: My husband gave this to me right when we started dating. I included it, because there is no way a white country girl from Montana, and a man from Mexico should have met at a salsa club in Minneapolis and fallen in love. The Lord directed us.
  4. Proposal book and wedding vows: I included a book my husband used to propose, and our wedding vows, because the Lord is in our marriage and family.
  5. Reminders of Vale and Naomi: I included a pair of shoes that decorated Vale’s baby shower cake, and Naomi’s crib card, to symbolize they are gifts from God and God has a unique purpose for each of them.
  6. A Tiny Clay Cup: Finally, I included a tiny clay cup some friends brought back to us fro. Mexico to celebrate the friendships the Lord has placed in our lives.

What are your thoughts on having a Spiritual Heritage Jar? What items could you put in yours? Comment below.

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