Taste and See: A Toddler Devotion from Psalm 34:8

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

-Psalm 34:8

Doesn’t this verse just scream sensory play? Taste. See. The Lord is good. So we had fun playing with our food.

The Verse

First we read the verse. It’s fairly short, so I just read it out of my Bible. This verse is lovely, if you are reading from the The Bible App, because there image feature has several illustrated options that can help engage your littles.


Next, we borrowed an idea from the New Trick Kids “Senses” magazine. We made a “taste test” from fruit, all different colors of the rainbow.

For Vale, we named the different colors, and tried all the different fruits. We also made fruit kebabs to work on those fine motor skills.

For Naomi, she got to try raspberries for the first time, and she is a fan. I gave her a few soft ones to play with, which got mushed up, and were easy for her to eat once they landed in her mouth.

What ways have you “tasted” the goodness of the Lord? Comment below.

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